GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


ha ha.


I seen this earlier on which is very good :joy:


Ah ha ha ha, that was brilliant. Good stuff


Liam isn’t fit enough to string Noel’s guitars, in my opinion. A foulmouthed, limitedly talented oaf, is Liam.


Season ticket holder… Got 305 Row T. Delighted with that


:grin: Tickets arrived this morning
Happy enough with a Row K this time, Flags are out the window (for the kids of course!!) This time next week I’ll be bricking it,


Arrived this morning, section 303 though. What the fook??? Mayo coonts being looked after. Seriously pished off


Its right by the Hill though , will be great for the celebrations afterwards…hopefully .


Its right beside bar 303 which is even better. Im trying to justify shite seats though


What did you want ? 305/6 ? Be grateful for a ticket at all , consider the poor cratures on hill16army


Yes I do want 305/306 which is what I get all year but now be shoved into the corner. I’d be grateful for a ticket if I wasnt a season ticket holder but thats why I signed up for it 8 years ago


305 Z for me. Happy days


Nice one there


303 as well. Shafted. Again.


Jammy bastage, sweet seats


well and truly shafted , 301 z pissed off bigtime


Jaysus lads there’ll be thousands who won’t get a feckin’ ticket ye ungrateful baxteds … Being there is what counts. I was in 301 in 2011 and the atmosphere coming from the Hill was awesome - the stand shook. I was also in a line with Kev Mc goal and had a good view of Clucko’s point.

Man up ye whingers.


Where were them thousands who cant get tickets all through the league and earlier rounds of the championship ?


First world problems lads.
My season ticket is always in the upper cusack. Still glad to have it


305 :japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:, ticket going straight in the bin. ■■■■ the GAA…