GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Ard-Comhairle again. What a bore!


Same thousands that are at matches all year round yea? Go and shite. I say it every year from going to a league game seeing maybe one or 2 lads at the platform in Skerries actually going to games, then come the Semi and the finals you can barely get on the fookin train. Lads that would never go to the Harps to watch a game are all of a sudden massive Dublin fans. Those thousands of lads shouldn’t be getting any ticket full stop anyway so I’ll whinge away!


i’ll take it off you


You have a ticket AND are complaining . Can’t please some folk .


hows it going, pleased to meet you.


In fairness the Skerries crew are usually at Leinster matches …

ps you got a ticket …


Is that not like nearly pitch side , row z ? Or are the double letters closer to the pitch ?


Starts down pitch side at A and works back to Z then starts AA to ZZ. Most double letters would be under cover … depending on the wind …


Ah well thats fine .Its the right back in the upper tier crowd I’d feel for .


I have a season ticket, I attended over 70% of games this year, I’m entitled to a ticket

You are not wrong there on the Skerries crew, then they even wear their Leinster gear into croker on all Ireland final day, Winkers!

ps, see my comment above, entitled!


Huge rugger crowd there alright!

The good thing is that thousands of season tickets holders and Parnell Park pass holders are guaranteed a ticket. A few years ago many of those people lost out. After that it really is pot luck. I usually have a couple of sources to help genuine cases but already I think it will be very tight this year.


303 isnt the corner though is it, you’re between 20 and 45, most could consider that a decent seat . i was in 301 on sunday last and was still outside the 13m line.

you’ll have plenty of willing takers i reckon for a 303


Thought you gave out your card to a game or two :thinking:.Anyway , enjoy the game , many unlike you won’t have a ticket.


This is an advantage of having a Terrace ticket, I get to stand in the same spot every game.


301 for me arrived this morning. Delighted to have one even if seats not great but you would wonder how they give Season tickets 304-306 all year then move them for the final

Anyway, one less thing to worry about now


Ill likely be one of those thousands, Been to all league games this year bar Kerry and Monaghan away… Been to every championship game also… Yet because I cant get a season ticket (They’re all renewals only) I will likely not get a ticket unless one of the many country club draws I have entered comes through for me.

Therefore your point is completely null and void.


Well imagine its not personal :wink:. They randomly generate the seat number . It depends on the sale & uptake of the other tickets that determines the seat .Thats where the bring a friend option comes in when they expect a low crowd .They also have to accommodate the Mayo season ticket holders as well . It would be ideal if you were in the same seat all the time but it just doesn’t work out that way .I’ve been between 301 & 306 the last year .Worse I ever got was the 405 section .I literally had to bend down in my seat to see if a point went over .Those seats can be terrible .


Dont get me wrong, I am delighted to be there and dont care once I am in the ground. In fairness it is never going to be easy to keep everyone happy and it is the ones who miss out despite being regulars that are the ones who should be p*ssed.

Does anybody know what the allocation to clubs is like yet? Was at meeting in club last night and story was that they reckon Mayo have more hill tickets than Dublin due to them being sent from other counties. Reclaim the Hill part 2 :grin:


No my point is not null and void, there is always exceptions like yourself and I sympathise with you, but every year its the same shit , people whinging that they go to every dubs match blah blah, and cant get tickets for the final, where were all these so called supporters for our 3 home league games when we were lucky to get 25000 ? and the early rounds of the champo ?


I swapped my 2 stand tickets for hill with a mayo girl who lives in Dublin and is the treasurer for a mayo club, she was back on to me last week about doing the same and she was looking for other swaps as well