GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Do you want one ? or will you take all four ?lol…


25,000 is far in excess of what the DCB gets for tickets for the final, and of those 25,000 there would be the opposition as well. so not even those 25,000 are promised a ticket. so there are, literally, thounsands of us who go to the matches all year home and away and are begging for tickets now and no promise of getting one.

its already enough of a pisser to hear how almost all the neutral tickets are heading out west once again.


Agreed and as I said I really do sympathise with all genuine fans ,have been there myself many times, but I’m sure you must agree that there are thousands who crawl out of the woodwork every year claiming to go to all matches whinging that they cant get tickets.


this year will be full of ones loking for the three in a row and have never been any other time.


Yup , my mate , who only went to semi & should be sorted for a Hill ticket for the final .


ill be in the box if you feel something wet thats me spitting down on the plebs




would she be interested in 4 lower cusack 301 for 4 hill tickets ?


303 this year, 309 last year. Preview years I was 304/305 for finals.


Police warn public of All-Ireland ticketing scam after several fans caught out


Talking to her said the club got 80 hill tickets !!!


Holy jayus :astonished:, and that’s just one club .


No I didnt, I was joking. I let my mate use it for a game I couldn’t make
I didnt go to Cavan, but me mate used the card
Went to the tyrone match
Didnt go to Donegal and card not used
Went to Mayo match
Went to Kerry for that match
Missed the Roscommon match in croker and card not used
And was at all matches after that so my attendance is still 79% even if you dont count the time me mate used the card


Please note new GAA Season ticket grading system

H1 90-100% Section 306
H2 80<90% Sections 305, 307
H3 70<80% Sections 304, 308
H4 60<70% Sections 303, 309
H5 50<60% Sections 302, 310
H6 40<50% Sections 301, 311
H7 30<40% Section 713
H8 0<30% Section 725


That’s not that many. The whole Hill and Nallywould go to clubs. That’s a lot of tickets. A big club in either county could expect 150 tickets or so.


Where’d ya get that from ? Thats not correct for me any way .




He’s been at the Johnny Walker again…


Wow , just surprised by that figure .And then people say they still have issues getting tickets with their clubs .


Vins might get 150 tickets. But there’s over 900 members. So there would still be trouble getting tickets.