GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


In our club they just give them to the football lads. It’s the fairest way.


Disagree. I’m a hurling man in the club. I go to a hell of a lot more Dublin football games than most of the footballers. If you go through a club for a ticket it really should boil down to how many tickets you ordered through the club that year. Of course there are those who do a lot of work in the club and deserve one straight off the bat. I hate seeing lads getting a ticket for the AI football final just because they are a footballer. A lot of them only go to Leinster final on. And some start going even later.


Let me introduce you to sarcasm, @amigo.


also known as the lowest form of wit…


Long day.


??? Never heard of this before, What happened to 60% attendance requisite to purchase AI final ticket,?


Are you being sarcastic?


A.N. Other one bites the dust.




Ah well, my little piece of gold dust was in an envelope waiting for me when I got home, 706 for me, its been pretty perfect all year as haven’t ventured out of 705/706 this year when upper has been open thankfully have been in the first dozen rows too, same again for final… I LOVES ME SEAT!


I’m on fire … :joy::joy::joy:


301 for me. Will be able to smell Joxer’s famous yellow raincoat from there.


It’s ridiculous , us dubs should get 304-307 by default no matter who we play. It’s our home ground



Talking to a Mayo friend today. They are finding it more difficult this year to get tickets from other counties. The word they are getting back is that people want to see this Dubs team play even if they don’t want us to win.


Where did this spring up from pal? I’m 86% missed only 2 games this year and got 707, me ticket is upper anyway but still,


@beeko … do your stuff …


Raheny are doing the draw on Sunday with about 55 tickets in the pot, assuming this is about half and the other half will go directly to the heavily involved etc… So bout 100-120 there and I was speaking to a Clanna Gael Fontenoy fella yesterday and he reckons they got 75, a lad I know reckons the draw in Killbarrack Naomh Barrog is always fixed but doesnt everyone think this when their name doesn’t come out! Jasus me nerves be gone if I had to wait on a club draw for a ticket, I could imagine the disappointment if you constantly missed out,


We have 3 times the amount of applications than tickets. I could be a very disappointed Dub on Friday. We do an open draw, even the chairman and secretary don’t take their entitlement as per the constitution, we keep it open and above board!

I would of course (selfishly) prefer that we rewarded the workers in the club, because I’d probably get one then! But I can see the fairness in the open draw. Tightening sphincter time!


Where is the line drawn with "heavily involved etc"
I’d say thats carnage!


Got 301. Hope we’re surrounded by Dubs, don’t like being in enemy territory. And their horrible sandwiches!