GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Jasus I’ve no idea where the line is drawn, maybe from the top down, President, Hon Secs, board, games promotions and 1 for each team mentor along with the old usuals in between i.e. the club sponsor/s, the barman who always gives the lock in and the Old cogger who lines the pitch and washes the gear! I was thinking though it might be a good idea if - let’s say a club has 80 tickets to be drawn, they should Draw 40 from the pot, and with the other 40 they should rotate them through the members, say starting with the 40 longest standing members in year 1, then the next 40 in the next final and so on, particularly at the rate we’re getting into finals the last few years it might get everyone a ticket guaranteed at some stage and you’d also have the chance in the draw also every year.


Huh ? They want to see us play “good” or to see us lose ?


Is the idea of the season ticket or Parnell pass an alien concept to club members ? Your hardly obligated to get tickets through the club ?


I’ve Season ticket and and sorted. I fully agree about having no sympathy for these people whinging now about tickets who were no where to be seen earlier in the year.
But there is another group getting tossed aside.
My Wife and two kids have gone to league and OBC cup games with me for the last two years ( now that the kids are old enough) , we love staying overnight up and down the country . Walking out of Croker after beating Tyrone they knew they would have to watch final at home. ( ok first world problems , but still none the less)
Basically theIr seats and many more like them will go to a good percentage of f…kers who haven’t been to a game all year.
I’m coaching and paid up member at my Club , so hoping I might get 1 in draw but I think if I got one I’d give it to someone who was badly stuck as I’m not going to get 3 .


@Christo, have you not cottoned on by now that 86% of a certain resser’s posts must be taken with a very large pinch of sodium chloride?


Not guilty!


Jesus I hope it’s not the guy I sent €960 to last Wednesday for a dozen Cusack tickets.


The PSNI are investigating this group:


No Culchie or Northie will ever admit supporting the Dubs but secretly a lot of them do like the way our team plays the game and want to see them in action live.


Why no season ticket for the kids at least, 10yoyo each and 5yoyo a game after no brainer and practically guaranteed with you already having one?


I thought you couldn’t get Kids season tickets anymore certainly for the last few years. They are only honouring ones that are being renewed.
When I got mine , the kids weren’t going to matches they were too young.


Fecking bells hanging out of me leg here, hook, line and sinker every time!


It’s a date, KB, you saucy divil.


It’s only a date if you wear your good shoes


Jaysus never knew that, fecking terrible they should be encouraging kids to go the games not blocking them. My own young one is proud of having her season ticket and loves going to the games.


True they are brilliant value.


How long is the waiting list? You hear stories, but if they have a waiting list how do you get onto it?


Only way they can offer new season tickets is if they increase the seats allocated for it .This shouldn’t be an issue in Croker but in smaller grounds it might present problems .


A big northside club had their draw last night, only about 50 to 60 names got called out, a resident resser didn’t get one either. . . . .


I’ve 100% attendance and I’m in 706??