GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass



Spill the beans,


Some people…


Please note new GAA Season ticket grading system

H1 90-100% Section 306
H2 80<90% Sections 305, 307
H3 70<80% Sections 304, 308
H4 60<70% Sections 303, 309
H5 50<60% Sections 302, 310
H6 40<50% Sections 301, 311
H7 30<40% Section 713
H8 0<30% Section 725


We had our draw last night.

514 applications for 63 tickets.

I think it’s going to be the tightest yet for tickets.


That’s the general feeling, hearing its the same in Mayo.



mayoblog reports that allocations to their clubs are the same as last year and that the county board got 16,500 tickets. assuming that we got the same that leaves 49,000 tickets out there. cant remember how many box/premium level there are, 10,000? that still leaves a big hole in the ticket numbers.


its the same as always, it will depend where the rest of the counties send their tickets, also we are not in the minor game so thats more dilution

mayo i assume will be in the majority again as its a emigrant county so theyll pick them up else where


It adds up quick. Second level schools get a thousand. Primary get more. There’s a full list of where tickets go in the accounts every year.


yes, there is indeed. i have looked to the local primary school in the past… the headmaster was a bit taken aback that i even knew such a thing existed and tried to deny it.

according to the 2016 annual report schools/educational got 2,229


That’s better Phelo lad, especially with it being such a big week, keep them posts coming now!


It’ll surely be a big week now …


the bigger they are the more satisfying they are …


Has anyone been up to collect yet? Presume is a queue going around!
Won’t get up till lunch time myself.


Yes I have
No queue they opened at nine
HIll tickets guaranteed
For stands you are guaranteed 301 poxy seats


You will still get the same this Thursday they have normally or no other sections for seated
I asked


Cheers. If knew was 9 would have gone before work. All the info they gave out was saying opening 10!


They say that because the butcher gives out his door is blocked
I shed a fockin tear


If the butcher had any cop on he’d use the ready made crowd and do unbelievable deals for those few days and have fellas going home with a Hill ticket and a bag of chops and fillet steak!