GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Based on what happened last year, the scheme is currently fully subscribed. If some people don’t renew their pass there will be a lottery for the left over passes. I’m sure the link to apply for any lottery will be posted here, but keep an eye on the CB website and Twitter.


Thanks for that Hochopepa


Passes available for renewal from tomorrow. How.long do we have to renew before they are released to those on the waiting list?


The Parnell Pass will open for renewal this morning (Monday 23rd April) at 11am.

The deadline for renewal is 31st May 2018.


a month??


heres the full mail I got this morning

The Parnell Pass will open for renewal this morning (Monday 23rd April) at 11am.

The deadline for renewal is 31st May 2018.

Your pass(es) will be available to purchase online at:

Username = your email address.

Passwords can be reset on the site using the email address registered to your account.

If you hold more than one Parnell Pass, each pass will be listed in your account and can be renewed all at once.

If you have any queries please contact us by email: stating your full name, email address and 2017 Parnell Pass numbers.

Due to the significant volumes of calls and emails received at this time, our response time may be longer than normal. We will respond to all emails as soon as possible.

Please note the current 2017 pass is still valid for Senior Club Football Championship fixtures this week only.

We regret that no additional passes will be available for purchase.

Parnell Passes or match tickets will not be issued from Parnell Park at any stage during 2018.

Thank you for your continued support!


Just ordered mine. Very easy process, even though I had to reset my password. Got an email to say it should be with me in 7 working days. Boom!


any price increases ?


€140 for terrace


does that mean no lotto? unreal.


Did you get to see the price of the stand tickets ?

if not , how much was terrace last year.



did anyone ‘win’ that lotto last year i wonder ?


Think this is in response to people missing out on renewing last year, the two week period caught a few out.


185 for stand.


I can’t remember what it was last year - but this years it’s 185 euro for the stand plus 2 euro shipping fee.


Terrace was 130 last year - so up by a tenner


I take it that means no additional but any not renewed will be offered via lottery draw.


i hope so.

never heard of any lotto winners.

also, till i saw that e-mail, it never occoured to me that people may have more than one PPP (I assume for kids and family)


Mate of mine orders 3 - his pass my pass and a mates pass.


lol doing that never occoured to me - i wouldnt be in the predicament i am in now as friends would renewed that year for me!

i hate this time of year now.