GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Season tickets for leinster final available now to download/prinprint, upper tier is staying shut.


thats mad. ten years ago that match would be a sell out.


Who wants to see a slaughter? People are more discerning with their money. There’s three ‘quarter final’ games now instead of one. People saving their money for that I’d imagine.


yea, i agree, which is why there was a larger attendance last year and who we get slated at the poor (apparaently) attendance in portlaoise.

that said, maybe if the GAA reduced the adult price by a bit it would attract a few more in?


Did anyone register for the GAA GRMA Rewards Program.

I did last year and have slowly been building up loyalty points. For example, after the Longford game I entered the two barcodes from the 2 tickets on my season ticket account and got 50 loyalty points. You get 120 points for having a Season Ticket.

They have lots of rewards:
Official GAA Sliotar 200 points
Croke Park Stadium Tour 200 Points
Official GAA Football 450 points.
Kids GAA Tshirts 350 points

If you’re going to the games and have season tickets it’s well worth registering. You’d qualify for free merchandise for the kids (or yourself) every so often…


I signed up last year and got a jersey out of the points.


Happy days… How many points was the jersey?

I have 475 points and was going to get the football but might hold off to see what else comes up over the summer.

For 50 points you can enter yourself in to a raffle for lunch and premium tickets for the Leinster Final.


I think it was 500 so it was a great offer


Can these be back dated ?
Chancing my arm here :joy:


Only by 4 weeks or something like that. So you can enter a barcode the Monday after the game and have 4 weeks to do it (I think).


Renewed my PP a few days before the May 31st deadline, but have yet to get the actual card in the mail. That happen to anyone else? They’re usually pretty quick to send them out.


I renewed mine at the start of the process but it was a few weeks before I got the passes, rather than the usual few days in prior years. But it’s about 2 weeks ago that I received them.


was about 3 weeks for us to get the cards


Had mine within a week but renewed on the first day.


Yeah, but then we’d have to beat you up and steal your lunch money.


Was that a Dublin jersey ?
I don’t see anything like that listed in the rewards section now .


Yeah you could pick any county jersey

No nothing decent this year as I’d say it cost them a fortune last year


Ah , that’s a shame.


I cant get registered. The confirmation email is not getting through to me


Email received today re PP tickets for Omagh. Available from next Tues though no details re any options or prices.