Get Dublin outta Croker 2019 style

An bruigh do cuig.
Where do I collect my prize? :grin:

Ardán hÓgáin

On 1st Sept, I presume?
I’ll nominate Clucko to accept it on my behalf - hopefully he’ll be in the vicinity. :trophy:


If we really want it, then we should put a ring on it?? Oh oh oh ohh oh-oh, I dunno about that. I suppose we’d wanna get de finger out in anyway


The handicap is 14 points, mother of god what a farce of a completion we’ve made this Leinster Championship.

is there an end in sight for Leinster and Munster , I’ve given up trying to keep on top of where footballs going


… but ulster is competitive so everything is okay.

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not not just us, its them.

what the DCB has done since getting rid of Bailey is to really and finally capitalise (no pun intended) on the potential in the county. at the same time Kildare, Laois and Meath took their eyes off the ball.

they keep saying leinster is competitive outside of dublin, but that misses the point. Kildare and especially Meath shouldn’t be having “competitive” games with Longford, Louth etc.


Would a tier 2 approach of a Leinster and Munster championship merger work?

Connacht and Ulster are more often than not, somewhat competative.

The qualifiers always throw up some good games and in theory Super 8s should be the most competitive.

Problem them goes back to Leinster and Munster provincial games.

Be nice getting a trip to Kerry, Cork etc in early summer!

Back to this thread, Dublin will be as ruthless as always. Kildare have gone backwards and are missing their best player.

Can see them having a go in early stages but expect Dublin to win comfortably.

The reality is Dublin would stuff teams in most provinces. Tiers are all very well but if you split into 2 x 16s there’ll still be a lot of hidings cos there’s a huge disparity even in that.

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tier 2 or whatever will never work for the same reason why the backdoor doesn’t seem to attract a big walk in crowd to matches - provincial championships create local rivalries. those rivalries down the decades mean a lot more to some counties than winning a province. the tipp/cork matches in recent years have had meaning, but they wouldn’t be in the same tier in a new system.

as for this sunday, the levels of cringe and embarrassment from the dublin fans on social media has risen through the roof. sadly these morons are becoming the public face of dublin gaa support. I feel sorry for the admins who seem like decent sorts who cant believe what their pages have become. every bloody day a new “conley” post, followed by dozens of replies. now its laughing at kildare and five in a row shite.


And anyone speaking of splitting Dublin hasn’t the slightest idea about the GAA.

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it cant happen without DCB allowing it.

in theory it would be interesting to see who would have the neck to actually propose it (as opposed to endlessly writing about it in the bindo, Colm). It would have to be dressed up as fair, as in not just about splitting up the senior football team just because they are successful. so, you’d have to apply it to all codes at all grades. given that we are not dominating any other code or grade that would result in some heartache. Would the DCB simply not enter teams in retaliation? That would be a massive financial wallop to the association, but it would also result in a massive financial wallop to DCB, causing GAA to virtually die out in the county. Not that this result wouldn’t please many outside of dublin who see us as a foreign entity altogether.

It would be the death of Dublin GAA

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If that ever happened that would be me done with GAA. Folks that want that scenario only want it out of spite.


Me also.

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Why are we even discussing this? It is never going to happen.


Tough one, obviously should be in another thread but I think if we stay in current format it is a lose lose all around.

I think county boards and provincial boards must take the brunt of a lot of it. Counties like Cork and Offaly in disarray, albeit Cork seem to have turned a corner on the pitch at least.

Kildare, Meath, Antrim should be much more competitive, especially as they are one code counties, well Kildare and Meath anyway. The fact these are so poor disspells the population argument somewhat.

I can’t see a future for Leinster or Munster championships at present. One must hold out hope Kildare and Meath can become competative again.

As for those Dublin GAA pages, embarrassing.

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i know that, but you can see peoples reactions “It’ll be me done with the GAA” - which is precisely what the proponents of this idea want. Dublin GAA was grand when we won the odd all ireland - one per decade on average - but the whole thing was dependant on GAA never becoming in Dublin what it is outside of Dublin.

How many times have you heard of the GAA being a rural game/organisation and wondered about the subconscious implication of that?


We could go back to a barren spell yet :see_no_evil: