Get It Off Your Chest


Exactly. The word has nothing to do with the locality. Simply chosen as a team name. If it hurts people needlessly, change it.


Excellent leadership from the NZ PM


That is incredible leadership.


+1, very inspiring.


Proud dub has summed up my feelings perfectly


Do you feel the same about various GAA clubs and that they should rename their clubs.


It’s hardly the same standard though is it? Far far far from it imo. Men sent to spread Christian ideology (and gather land, wealth, let’s face it) through massacre rape pillage etc, versus men/woman fighting for freedom from oppression in their own land.


I doubt the Canterbury crusaders are named after these guys who spreaded christianity, and it was more marketing name.


They’re not. But the Christian Crusaders are being referenced as an inspiration for the wankbag that carried out the atrocity in Christchurch. The symbol on their jersey is that of a medieval knight name checked by this dipshit. I’m not part of the PC brigade but I can see quite obviously why the conversation is being had.

And as I said there’s no comparison to freedom fighters, martyrs etc whose names adorn many a club and ground within our association.


When they start naming GAA clubs after military campaigns in the middle East, that have eff all to do with our own history or heritage… then yeah, sure why not? But I don’t think the Saladin Gaels have anything to worry about. :roll_eyes:


Which is exactly why a name change should not be a problem.


I think it’s an over reaction but each to their own. Purge everything and start again so.


Same thing Gemma O Doherty said.


If ever someone needed an egg to the head…


Self certification causing serious issues further down the line. Who’d of thunk it




He knocked on the door of an Asian couple (non-Muslim) shouting “Come out, you Paki cünts”.
He also apparently stabbed someone.


WT absolute F

Mindless spanners with kitchen implements are now terrorists?

I’m not belittling the event by the way, just the journalism sensationalist reporting.


Police are calling it a terrorist incident