Get It Off Your Chest


Great post sir.


I can’t be coping with posts like that the night before an AI final.


My lads a 10 month old short haired pointer ( no issues) absolute pet , he has one brown eye one blue , his name is Bowie


Enjoy the mutt Damo. They are so way more loyal than humans. Treat them nice, they’ll love you unconditionally! Deadly

I still give a monthly donation in an ex from about 3 years agos name… I think she still gets letters updating her about how the dog I sponsor is doing… I must change that :joy::joy:


That’s brilliant!!!

Actually in relation to above, the dog I first sponsored 3 years ago unfortunately got sick and died and I got a letter from dogs trust to let me know, but in that letter they basically said, “look we know you’re sponsoring this dog for someone else, so we haven’t told them what happened to the dog we’ve just said there’s a new dog requiring sponsorship”, it’s up to you if you want to let them know the real reason” and it’s such a small thing but I really had such respect for them doing that. I’m sure plenty of people sponsor dogs for kids etc and that would be an awful letter for a kid to recieve!


This is where Dog Trust send dogs to be put down( Ashtown Pound ) . I’m sure they are a great organisation but let’s not sweep this under the rug .

I think dogs can be a massive help for people with mental health issues.
It’s amazing how they are trained to assist people suffering with poor or no eyesight, epilepsy, autism, etc and are now being used in some instances to detect cancer in humans. I also can never get enough of seeing “working” dogs - police dogs, customs dogs, sheepdogs,etc.

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Don’t forget in a nightclub 3 in the morning :kissing_heart:
Seriously great post I get a train into Pearse station everyday and there’s a blind chap with the most gorgeous Labrador you have ever seen . calmest canine on the planet , have never gone near the dog as its a working dog , but the amount of times I’ve want to bend down and pet the bloody thing , amazing animals your right

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Ye don’t get rte in prison in england right?

In relation to Gareth Thomas announcing he’s HIV Positive

Absolutely vile immoral bastards. The Sun or the Daily Heil would be my bet


They are not fit to lace his boots.

That’s disgusting. Surely to God he has a good legal case against the scum?

I’d hope so. Would like to think it’s very close to something like blackmail

Surely illegal to disclose someone’s medical information like that?

That’s what I meant. Has to be illegal.

Unless they got it from A. an unidentifed source (and media can withhold as far as I understand for reasons that we all know) or B. somebody who knows Gareth (not a medical employee).

Doc on Laura Brennan there, jayus they showed her deceased body at the end at what looked like the wake .

He has another documentary I read coming up about it so not sure it is that much of a secret and private to him. Good that with his profile he can try and us it for good and show that times have moved on somewhat.