Get It Off Your Chest


And that sums up Oasis …


Kanye West albums revolutionised hip hop and are brilliant?

IMO His albums have destroyed hip hop if anything and are a big reason for the shite that we hear from hip hop artists nowadays so I suppose he was a revolutionary in that way. He did to hip hop what X Factor did to pop music. The college drop out I enjoyed that’s as much as I could say for his work personally.


Depends on what your definition of the general masses is, no?

Oasis, Blur, Boyzone etc never really cracked the US market, but they are definitely very well-known to the general masses here.


Never said made it better, ultimately…changed, defo…No Kanye = No Drake and co (nuff said).

Second point, perhaps reflective of my age at the time, I thought College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation were brilliant (Then!). Maybe if i listened to them now (which I’m not inclined to do) I would have a different view.

The old stuff is the best, no doubt.


It’s all subjective and down to opinion, I suppose. I just reckon he proves the (general) rule that you don’t need that much talent to make it big in music these days.


You never did Beeks, you never did.



I’d also wager that for all of his success and dosh, Mr West isn’t a happy man.


Aha, so you DO watch Keeping up with the Kardashians.

I knew it ! :rofl:


She can play about 12 songs, but she knows her Da loves Oasis so learned them especially so I can sing along(when Im drunk)


Definitely calling Social Services, drunk in charge of a minor :grin:


A daily occurrence?




Who? Never heard of him but whoever he was, he was no Luke Kelly. That’s all really!


Nature hasn’t “progressed” or evolved like humans, thankfully.


Walking along O’Connell Street today, Christ its filthy. Litter everywhere on the street, beggars, rough sleepers and a lot of Romany Gypsie males just hanging around, add into that Drug Addicts milling around the place. The place really needs a clean up what would attract anyone to this street?


Burger King, McDonalds, Anne Summers, 24 Centras/Spars and Dr. Quirkes.

What more could you ask for? :wink:


Oh yeah I forgot it was the cultural and foodie quarter for the repressed scobie… all them sexy muffin top lassies.


Keep them all in O’Connell St and Temple Bar. Saves the rest of town for normal daycent people :wink:


I dunno I think the southsiders need some cultural impact to become more scobie than the scobies themselves. This way folk, across the O’Connell Bridge, take a left at Trinity.


Sure the hipsters will love a craze in scobie-chique. Imagine half the SS wimmin with muffin-tops, and bearded wankers in retro shell pants or shiney trackies.