Get It Off Your Chest




Justice prevails. The bould Michael sticking it to ye up there in Dublin.
Guaranteed poll topper next time too.
Sure didnt he get us Feile !


Sticking it to the whole country.


Still a ■■■■ though. Along with the other qaulity tipp politician AK!


Excellent result. There is a God


Don’t get me started on that clown.
I defy anyone to name a constituency anywhere (aside from Kerry) that comes close to this one.


Dublin Central and Dublin North East? (I think.)

We elected Bertie & CJ for umpteen years. People in glass houses etc etc

At least this clown stays in Tipp. He hasn’t been put in charge of running the country.

Yet !



The most unbelievable part of that story is actually in the first few words …


Hard press Matty I haven’t a bogs notion what language you speak McGrath is father ted material




It’s not the same. CJs sins only came to light after - similarly Bertie’s revelations ended his career. With these guys it’s a badge of honour. We now have at least two (Ind) TDs who wilfully did not pay tax/pensions and they are still drawing a wage on taxpayers money … and have ever increasing pensions. Un-fucking-believable! Why a conviction of this kind is not an automatic loss of your seat is just incredible. You and I would get 6 months …


Wexford and Mr. Wallace


Bev Cooper Flynn and Dad …


I’m assuming they’ll all be tried for fraud and purjery so that people will be put off trying this on


“I’m assuming they’ll all be tried for fraud and purjery so that people will be put off trying this on”

Maybe, unless they have political or banking connections.


No chance although they should be


How very dare you madam! CJ was Dublin North Central along with Ivor the expenses chap


Not a chance.


Lor’ bless you and save you Sir. Beggin’ yer pardon.

Did Hirohito Haugheys’s constituents never wonder how he could afford his Kinsealy baronial splendour & his own island, when he was a humble TD for the majority of his working life?

If Jim Tunney or Prionnsias de Rossa lived such lavish lifestyles, we peasants in Dublin North West might occasionally raise the odd eyebrow or two. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The little people would not be allowed question people of such high office