Get It Off Your Chest


Tongue was firmly in cheek there.

It’s ridiculous how much the possible gains outweigh the possible repercussions (none) here. They don’t even have to fork out for a solicitor because of these no win no fee firms. No wonder there are gangs coming over here to create these accidents


Ah I know, but it wouldn’t happen. These people seriously just don’t give a ■■■■ though. To be honest I think this country is rightly fucked long term.


Surely the decent folk far outnumber the toerags and scammers …


We are squeezed in the middle. tightly. And we pay for everything. High Profile politician tax dodging - tick. Scumbag violent neighbour putting gun to elderly neighbours head - tick. Scammers and Drug addicts milling around Dublin - tick. Lying ■■■■ of a president who can’t tell the truth and give a straight answer - tick.

Yeah we do far outnumber them thank god, but man its exhausting the tax burden at times we have to carry/


Bit harsh there on Michael D.


Really? well one mans salt is another mans sugar, I’m not a fan of his presidency and I think the fact that he can get a second term without a challenge is mind boggling.


Seriously thought you were describing Trump :lying_face:.Democracy demands There should be an election and then Michael D’s promises from the last one can be exposed. Wouldn’t hold my breath though.


He is a career champagne socialist. He broke the pay ceiling to hire a ‘personal assistant’ and he preaches absolute bollox from the pulpit while there is people sleeping in tents all around the park and his lordship is getting his arsed wiped one way or the other in luxury. Can’t abide him or any of his labour colleagues. Mercenaries the lot of them. Sorry rant over or Al will kill me! :grinning:


And yet Ruth is all pally wally with Mr. Wallace



Very funny.
Alternatively are Waterford Whispers doing serious factual reporting now?
All of that is pretty much spot on.



We have them ?


In Tallaght?


Apparently underground


Why would you think that we didn’t?


When i heard “hydrant” it brought up images of the states . That is why i asked . I’ve never seen anything like those in ireland .


Was it the Jobstown 6 again …


Our hydrants are under a shore cover, we use a standpipe to attach to them to retrieve water from it…


Look for the yellow “H”


As in ‘Hello - I’m down here!’