Get It Off Your Chest


H as in H2O.


Is that where they have the concerts?





The two numbers on the yellow hydrant plaque markers indicate the watermain’s pipe diameter (upper number specifying millimeters) and the distance from the hydrant (lower number in metres).


Fucker should have the dog taken off them




Cünt pleads guilty now as he probably knows any further sentences will be concurrent.



It seems that Irish judges aren’t uniquely bad in handing out appropriate sentences. Just get someone with royal connections to give you a character reference.


Or just get onto Mickey Harte. He doesn’t seem to care what you’ve done, or to whom, in order to qualify as “a grand lad altogether.”


Fucking hell


Can you imagine how much easier your work day would be if people did their job and stopped stabbing each other in the back?


You’re a British Cabinet Minister then ? :open_mouth:


( removes amyl nitrate laced satsuma from mouth )


But you’re still wearing a Chelsea jersey and stockings and suspenders?


Stupid bloody webcams!!!



How do we make the ads stop?


Ad blocker ?


Pay yisser bill ye pox