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Feck off back to Meath ye cheap dolmen dweller


I remember you from the old site , but still



Not often I find myself agreeing with Ross


They are all as bad as eachother. Hypocrites the lot of them, Ross included.


I’ll respectfully differ with you there. There is a huge difference in getting your local Garda station reopened and campaigning to give people under the influence of a drug the right to control a vehicle with an engine.

How some of them haven’t been punched by some distraught relative as they come and go about their business is a mystery


I’ve never so much as had a mouthful of alcohol if I’m driving. I’ve zero tolerance for drink driving. By quoting my post as you did you’re somehow suggesting I was hinting otherwise.

My point was and remains that my experience of politicians is that they are all hypocrites. Shane Ross being a prime example, he was elected as a champion for the people taking politicians to task and calling out abuses of power/money. Now he’s one of them, dishing out sports grants to areas that aren’t in need of them but are coincidently close to or in his constituency … it’s also just a coincidence the Garda station to reopen was his local one. Like every other politician he’s only interested in self preservation for the next election.


Em,not I’m not. And you are totally overreacting. And you seem to be doing exactly what I thought you were doing, equating the normal political graft with actively campaigning for people to be allowed to drive while impaired. I’m saying that there’s no comparison at all.


Are you drinking now?

Seeing as you didn’t understand my reply which I think was quite clear. I’ve try again:

  1. People that drink drive are scumbags and I have no time for them. We’re in agreement there.
  2. Shane Ross is a hypocrite (in general), as are 99% of TDs I have any experience of or have bothered to look in to the interests of.

Now is it your round or mine?!


i think we can all agree that Shane Ross is a hypocrite - Gift grub has a great take on him where Shane ross the politician and shane ross the journalist give comment or reaction on a current event.


16 year old boy charged with the Rape and Murder of 6-year-old Alesha McPhail on the Isle of Bute.

What kind of an animal is he… If it was my daughter I’d count down the days till he got out. Sickening thinking of what the little girl suffered.


The drink driving laws are extreme. For example in my area the cops are out with checkpoints in the mornings trying to catch someone over the limit from the night before or god forbid going to pick up their car…I’d love to see the figures for deaths caused by a driver with 2 pints and those the next morning…

It’s closing rural Ireland and yet when there are thugs going around robbing, boy racers out at night or fights outside the take away at night…you guessed it…not a cop to be seen.


I’m sorry @mayoman But I just don’t care if rural pubs are going out of business. Our roads are lethal, particularly in rural areas. If you require to drive for work you should not be having anymore than 3 or 4 drinks the night before.

Anyone having a couple of pints and then driving that night should be locked up. If it prevents a few kids dying on our roads I’m all for it. My mate is a fireman and he has cut out dead bodies from cars that look like they’ve been cubed because of drink drivers. Drink drivers should be treated like the vermin they are. I’m absolute on my stance on this


Not need to be sorry. People have died in my area down the years in car cashes but every single one of them have been asa result of driving drunk…that night. Out of it in other words.

I just see extreme policing towards an aul man with 2/3 pints or a next morning driver going to pick up his car.

I’ve never driven after drinking but i suspect I may have been over the limit the next morning on a few occasions. Setting up a checkpoint near a hotel where a wedding took place is another example…


Would nt take too much to have rural transport to bring people home. Fri and sat night , 5 per head return, would be a good business for someone or alternatively would fund a community bus.


Not like the Healy Raes to turn down a business opportunity


I m down in west Clare a bit and it’s not much hassle to get a taxi and to share out the cost with others who you might nt know but who are heading in the same direction.


So bloody what if you are under the influence in the middle of the night, at the end of the night, or the morning after while going to collect your car? If you’re under the influence, you’re under the influence. Don’t drive your fcuking car. End of. Rural dwellers thinking they deserve some sort of special dispensation to judge for themselves when they can drink and drive is utter horseshit. Ask some poor mother who just buried her child what she thinks about the quality of life in rural Ireland, or the plight of poor pub owners and see how you get on.


Yerra , €5 wouldn’t cover the diesel!


Two families torn apart.


Little shitbag will suffer little or no consequences probably