Get It Off Your Chest


It a suspended sentence if any of them are members of FF.


Ivor Callely. Prìck.


A mighty fall. Fifteen years ago he ruled all he surveyed.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella.


Shower of bastards


This is neo-liberalism- for the people who love Leo and laugh at Clare Daly, because of her appearance. This is what they vote for.


Ah here! I laugh at Veloraptkars appearance too. He’s an alien lizard in a host humanoid frame, like something from Westworld or V. We were only slagging off Daly for her shenanigans really. Everyone’s fair game these days




Scrath the surfice with daly and her views on the GAA or anything that doesn’t fit into her narrow vision of the world your will see she is an intolerant hypocrate. I prefer to criticise her about that then her appearance.


She said very little about Lowry. I wonder is that because her good friend is a far bigger tax dodger? Scratch the surface with most of them and you see they’re all the same. No matter what they look like.


Name some TDs who have done more for the public good than Daly, Wallace and Catherine Murphy. Apart from John McGuinness and the Public Accounts Committee, I cannot think of any.


It’s their KKKulture


Anyone surprised? The orange order is a racist backward organization.


Come come dear man! We’ll never get along with that kind of attitude. They may not like non-nationals, Fenians, Muslims, Catholics, gays, the EU, the GAA, the Virgin Mary, nor agree with same sex marriage and abortion … but other than that they are grand lads … pardon the pun.


And the most orange of them all in The White House now.



Sweet suffering Jesus

Really hope the dog is taken off them




This is standard. If the till is short, the people working the till made a balls somewhere along the line. It does not come out of their wages. Why would it come out of the owners pocket? To be honest, it makes staff more diligent and shortages are very rare when they know it has to be made up from the tips


Agree with Harps. In my last mgt gig, it was a rarely enforced policy, but it was there none the less. It was a good motivator for staff to be paying attention to what they, the waiters & the guests were doing at all times. The cash desk/front podium is magnet. It’s where staff congregate to chit chat when it’s slow, or even when it’s busy & they feel like a break. Mistakes get made out of sheer sloppiness, or staff being distracted by others. This cuts down on that.


Totally disgusting.