Get It Off Your Chest


Why? So when the till is short the first time, they think hold on. I’ll help meself to 20 every other night if the owner is just gonna take the hit…

As I said above, over the 5 years we had the restaurant I think we had 2 shortages, one I wasn’t even told about until the second one happened, the difference was made up from the tips without consulting me. The second one, there was only the manager working, so I let it go as a genuine mess up with something in the tills that we just couldn’t figure it out. My guess is the shortages were so infrequent for this very reason


Tips are not your money. They are given for staff who are largely unpaid. People further up the ladder are never treated in this way. It’s nauseating.


what do you mean by that?

If there are shortages, who should suffer the consequences?


Ha ha ha, you know what you are talking about then! staff are largely unpaid. FFS

For the record the minimum wage, which they are looking to increase, which will cripple most small food businesses is currently 9.25. So you have someone doing 40 hours a week will be coming out with close to 350 into their bank account. Most staff, used to live off the tips alone and save 350 per week. Not bad if you ask me! And also another incentive to make sure your till is always right!




Just take a leaf out of my book on this one @Iomaint and never leave a tip. That way nobody gets hurt.


Whats the case now though ?


I dont know, they dont work for me anymore. I’m sure their new boss is way sounder than me :joy:


You or your Misses run a restaurant or am I confusing it with someone else.

It all depends depends, how much, how often, should a till operator be let go if they cant handle cash, don’t most establishments have a error float, i.e over/under amount that is acceptable.

It sounds like a Fine Gael policy, Hit the low paid worker with it.


mistakes can happen , i remember when i worked in the cinema and our tills had to balance , think if it was out over 20 quid (in both directions) you had to sign for it and 3 strikes as such and you were off the till. Can see the merit in what employers do otherwise you will have those who will take advantage of it.


People sometimes forget why they’re employed in the first place. I’m not employed cause my company likes me and thinks I deserve a few holidays a year. I’m employed because I offer a service that makes money for the company i work for. If I end up costing my employer money why should I not be expected to carry some of that financial burden?

Either way, I’m sure all this was outlined in contracts before the work commenced. If they didn’t want to be held accountable for their errors they could have easily found another job where accountability is less. Nobody held a gun to their heads and made them agree to these conditions.


That was some strange predictive text thing. I meant to say badly paid.


There’s a different philosophy about this in the States with poorly paid jobs in the hospitality sector. They literally get paid pittance for their jobs & rely on the tips .Totally different situation here . I can definitely see where they are coming from .


It’s not really totally different here. It is next to impossible to live off the minimum wage here and I can guarantee you there are very few places where you’ll make enough tips to live off them. It’s actually illegal, unless stated in your contract, to make staff pay for tills that are down. If the till is regularly down, find out who’s responsible and sack that staff member, don’t punish all staff for what is more than likely one persons mistake.


Its very possible if you live within your means .
If your going out on the piss 2 or 3 times a week & live in an area with high rent then you make adjustments . Move to where its affordable .
Also , Iv not much sympathy for people who took out 100% mortgages during the boom. People lost the run of themselves & it affected everyone as a consequence.


Ah ■■■■ off. Live within your means. Puke comment. You should try it. Are you a Haughey by any chance?


Its called reality , I’m sorry if that offends you .
Out of interest , would you fall into a bracket where you go on 2 or 3 holidays a year . Go out every weekend dropping 2 or 3 hundred euro .


Is that what’s happening? I was under the impression if the till belonging to the person logged into it is short that’s the person that is docked and not the entire shift. Obviously you can’t go around deducting people who haven’t made an error


Are you suggesting people live beyond their means?


It’s called your view of reality. You really sound like a decent skin. I’d say your employees love you. If you pm me your salary, I’ll gladly reciprocate. I holiday in Ireland.