Get It Off Your Chest


You’ll very rarely have a till where only one person uses it. Where I am there could be 8+ different people using a till throughout the night.


You are hugely out of touch if you think it’s possible to live in Ireland off €19,000 a year. You just have to look at rent in Dublin to see that and it isn’t as easy as moving to a lower rent area, because, surprise surprise your travel costs are going to increase.


Don’t get me wrong here , i believe in a fair & honest wage for people . But if you get certain types who love living it up like the Jones & can’t figure out why they are smashed each week , certain questions have to be asked .
If your out goings are more than what’s coming in , it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out .


Everyone’s situation is different , i understand that . But , and this is going to sound terribly harsh , if your in a poor paying job you have to up skill or go back to college to better yourself .
Increase your qualifications .
If you are unable to that , then your going to have work your arse off to make ends meet .
If its too expensive to live here , move to somewhere where it is affordable to live.


Like a hotel room? You sound like a person who has no clue how the poor live and if this keeps going, it’s going to get very dirty. Some people cannot afford college fees, cannot afford high rents and are on minimal wages on zero contract hours. You sound like you wouldn’t last ten minutes in that situation. I’d say if you were, dad could make it all stop.


So you think that bar manager taking care of 30 staff and making your wife her espresso martinis, deserves a lower salary than the lad who sits on his arse sending emails all day just because the other fella went to college for four years first? And those 30 staff who work for him should leave the country because after exhausting themselves working 50+ hour weeks, and then only getting 20 the week after can only afford a room in a gaff with 4 strangers?


Well considering both my parents are longer with us , that was not a option . I never got a penny off my parents & moved out at 19 & paid for college myself by taking a year out before & saving my hole for that time . And I’ve worked in poor paying jobs before i got a good one . So i know exactly what its all about . I’ve been through the ups & downs during the previous recession & saved instead of pissing it away each week end .
I lived well within my means while my peers got themselves into huge financial debt & negative equity with their 100% mortgages , high end cars & 2 or 3 holidays a year .
I survive just fine because i live within my means .


If you have an issue with your job , then find another one that pays better .And don’t take it from my comments that I’m belittling what you do . Its just the reality of the situation .If you want a decent paying job your going to have to go out , get the qualifications & get that job .


The point we’re making is that people on minimum wage wouldn’t be able to do any of the things your suggesting. There is no disposable income when you’re on minimum wage, you can’t save money when every penny you make has to be spent on living.


When did I say I have an issue with my job? I love my job.


You have an issue with what its paying you .


There is if you make sacrifices .


I’m pissing myself here! Your tone of voice shows just what you are like. As it happens I’m very happy with my salary and my qualifications. I would hazard a guess that they compare favourably with your own. However, one of the two of us sounds like a complete asshole…and it’s not me!


I have never once mentioned my own wage? I’m lucky to make a decent hourly rate considering experience and length of service, others are not so lucky. And I presume going by that attitude when the Luas, Train and Bus drivers went on strike over their wages you told them to all quit, go back to college and get a better job because they had an issue with what theirs was paying them?


Is unbelievable actually Michael O Leary???


What sacrifices are they exactly? Only eating one meal a day perhaps??


Can i gather from what your saying is that you rent ?


No I do not, i live with a parent as I’m currently saving to emigrate to Australia in the new year. You’re failing to grasp that I amnt talking about my own situation here.


Just my opinion man , you can take it or leave it, it really doesn’t bother me in the slightest .
But if your spending beyond your means , you need to have a look at the situation & start making some decisions .


In fairness @something_witty the majority of people working in places like boojum are students. I doubt there’s many people there trying to raise a family cause as you say it’s impossible to do.

Our minimum wage is actually quite high in Ireland it’s just the cost of living is out of whack. We can’t really expect small businesses to increase the wage further. I know quite a few people who own their own businesses, small cafes etc and they are struggling to pay the wages as it is.

I agree with most of what @Unbelievable is saying. I don’t think any of it is unreasonable. It’s basic economics.