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You’re not getting it, people on minimum wage in this country can’t spend beyond their means, because they hardly make enough to cover those means in the first place.


Whether a minimum wage is high or not is directly related to the cost of living. You can’t say our minimum wage is high when it’s considered to be €4,500 a year less than what is generally agreed as a “living wage” in Ireland


No , i know what your talking about .
And if your in a situation where you can’t make ends meet , you have to rethink what your doing .
Its all about life decisions & lifestyle decisions .


Maybe they should go back to college and get themselves a better job if they’re struggling so :wink::wink::wink:


I agree but that’s cost of living. If you keep increasing the minimum wage without addressing the cost of living you’ll put a lot of employers out of business.

As I said before most of these jobs are populated by students or single parents who’s wage is subsidised by the state. There isn’t people trying to raise families on these wages and if there is you can bet a partner is in a higher paying role.

Where changes could be made is bigger companies that are recording big profits, they shouldn’t be allowed pay minimum wage


Maybe they should and all their employees can see how they like the dole :wink::wink:


I thought we agreed it was easy for all those employees to just go to college themselves?


Running a successful business takes about 60 hours a week. Doubt anyone has time to do another degree (they already have business degrees and masters).

When I say struggling to pay the wages, I mean struggling and being able to afford themselves a comfortable living that their risk deserves. Mortgages etc tied into loans to start up businesses.


In a restaurant environment, it is rare for the cashier - or whoever is responsible for the till(s) - to stand at the till & do nothing else but take payments for the entirety of their shift. They are generally part of a bigger team effort & will often be a jack of all trades during their the course of their shift.

In my last job, we had one company of 8-10 who would come in for lunch on Fridays. They were absolute hoors for asking one waiter for the bill. She’d get the cashier to drop it over. One of them would then get up to go to the jacks & would pay the cashier on the way out. While he was gone, the others would order more drinks from another waiter who had no idea the final bill had already been presented & paid for.

It took vigilance & good communication from the waiters, the bartender, the cashier/hostess & the floor manager to prevent that kind of shitehawkery from leaving us with a €50+ shortage on the till at the end of the shift. Having some sort of policy keeps the staff on their toes. Thankfully, it was very, very rarely enforced, but knowing it was there did motivate the staff - all the staff - to pay attention to things that would be very easy to have a “fuckit, it’s not my money” attitude towards.

That’s just the reality of the restaurant biz, whether its unpalatable or not to people, doesn’t make it any less real.


Horse, I have no idea (a) why you think I have financial problems and (b) why you think you have the right to be giving me advice! It’s quite fcuking bizarre. I don’t and will never need advice from you.

In relation to genuinely poor people, they are in a poverty trap. Employers, probably quite like you by the sounds of things, leave them trapped. Zero hour contracts etc. I worked with one family before where the dad fcuked off (and had significant mental health issues) so the mam and three kids ended up with no home, in a hotel bedroom for 11 months. One of the kids who had a disability, became suicidal. Your advice to that mother would be what exactly? Make different choices? Fcuk off with yourself. Fate fcuked her over and she was trapped. You are clueless and nauseating.


It’s difficult to save unbelievable. I have a very good job so has the wife and we struggle to save. Our disposal income goes on living and that living is well within our means.

I take your points because that’s how I got ahead while some of my peers had everything paid for them of their family’s. But I have some family members who don’t have the High flying jobs have worked their asses off and our barely breaking even. But I certainly take the other lads points that it is far from cut and dry to do the things you suggested. Doesn’t work for everyone. Be great if it did.


Unbelievable never made any reference to any of the above. Very poor form of you to be suggesting he was talking to down to anyone in that situation


That’s grand . And i get what your saying .
But let me ask this . If you put yourself in a situation where you took out a mortgage , looking to get on the property ladder , knowing full well that you’d have great difficulty trying to repay it , who exactly is at fault here .
People completely lost the run of themselves during the Celtic tiger buying property here , there & everywhere . Now they are snowed under in debt & at wits end . Totally unnecessary. It seemed like a great idea at the time because everyone was doing it .
Well everyone wasn’t doing it but alot of decent people who didn’t go crazy at the time got burnt because if other peoples actions .
I don’t save anymore like i did but it was instilled in me from a young age to always put away a few bob for when situations get hairy .
People had no contingency plans and thought the good times would never end .
My old man left school before he was a teenager & worked in the mines in Arigna , never finished school . He taught me to make sure to put away money because ya never know when the shit hits the fan . He would have been through numerous resessions , emigated to the UK & came back to ireland .
So that was something that i grew up with & never wanted to be in the same position as what my da went through .
If people have problems surviving , like I’ve said about 10 times already , they need to have a reality check & see exactly how they got into this position .Its harsh as ■■■■ , but so is life , nobody said it was going to be easy .
I’ve made huge sacrifices in the last 5 years or so .I don’t live like i did before & im actually quite happy with it because i know i can now get by like this & if things improve , i wont know myself .
If i had to live on the minimum wage now i could easily do it because of the methods I’ve learned over the years . But some people aren’t willing to give up their cigarettes , Sky , beer , fancy holidays , cars , etc .And then they wonder why they can’t rub 2 pennies together .


I wouldn’t mind him , hes gone off in some tangent of his where i was just expressing my opinion .I never advised the wing bat on anything.


I actually worked in BOI when they where handing out 100% mortgages and I can tell ya they sweated on how many people would take them up on it, they where like crack heads pushing them. People bought into it because that was the nerrative. Banks have huge responsibility in that situation. We could argue all day as to who was the blame exactly but for some people escaping the poverty trap be it because of their own situation or be it historical is not easy.


It might not be easy but the job market is better now than it was a few years ago . I’m constantly inundated with job ads .
I also understand people will have lost their jobs due to redundancies . But , the problem with this country is , and this goes back to the time of imperial landlords is that people are killing themselves trying to get on the property ladder to buy houses they can’t actually afford .
We’ve always had personal issues about owning land , houses because of it . Your nearly looked down on if you don’t own a house in this country now adays .
If ya can’t find a decent paying job there are schemes out there & grants to go to college to improve your qualifications which will results in a better paying job .


Of course he didn’t. The example I gave was of the reality of the lack of choices that poor people often have. The vulnerability. His attitude stinks. The smug assumption that ‘people need to make different choices’. Well you know what? Sometimes they can’t. And sometimes they are relying on those tips in that jar. And anyone who punishes people in that situation by taking their tips as recompense for errors made or whatever, is nothing but a total cnut of the highest order. He should get the fcuking boat and join the Tories. If an employer is losing money, let him install a camera. Ffs.


Do you own your home?


Reading these posts about sacrifices, minimum wages, zero hour contracts, scrimping and saving, etc…

And the ads I’m getting when I open up threads are for flights to Los Angeles.


Agreed sometimes people can’t and are stuck in a rut. And everybody sympathises with them. But most people can make different decisions and choices to improve their lives. I’m in a very fortunate situation but there’s choices i could make that would make me even more fortunate. That’s the same for most people. Not all but most. You’re being unreasonable with a differing view to yours