Get It Off Your Chest


Any chance you could tone down the F bombs, name calling & vitriolic anger just a tad? Other posters are able to get their points across without having to resort to it. It would be very nice if you could too.

(This post is in no way trying to back seat moderate.

This post in no way condones or endorses back seat moderating.

This poster thinks all of our mods here do an exceptionally fine job. Especially the really, really handsome one.)


Fair enough. I won’t post again until I have calmed down. Tomorrow.


Did you even read my post about the tips .
I was supporting the employees , not the employers.
And yes , i pay a mortgage on my house .


What moderator would that be?


Not going to wade into this but would point out that making assumptions/judgments about life/people/situations/opportunities based on your own life experiences is not reasonable - or probably good for your health. We have a quite fractured society - with very different values/morals/expectations/attitudes.

We have never been good at debating these issues - politicians run from them - but the gaps are getting bigger - the political ideologies ensuring they are not being addressed.


Great post dub09.


As I said, twice in 5 years and the first time I didn’t even know about it because it is common practice in most places and the other time I let it go because it was just one person operating the till and I knew they wouldn’t have dipped in themselves. ProudDub laid it out simple above, I dont need to go over it again. From the sounds of it you have never even worked in the industry and certainly have not or will not ever run a restaurant yourself as you wont last very long


Fantastic post sir.


I cant remember who said it, but the comment on ‘just sack them’, in Ireland. Are you having a laugh. It’s harder to sack someone without being sued than it is to run the business



No surprises there.

If anything I hope enough candidates get the votes to put their names forward.


I think we’re due a couple of referendums around any Presidential election so at least it won’t be a total waste of money.


He’s been on the gravy train all his life. Why would he jump off now. Not the first member of Labour to break a promise about running for election when he said he wouldn’t. Aodhan O’Riordain promised he wouldn’t run for the Senate if he lost his Dail seat. See how that worked out.


Thats right, he was in there like Flynn. Another bulshitter. Absolute zero respect for Higgins now. None.


€250,000 a year for a president who essentially does ‘■■■■ all’.

Michael D is a grand fella but I don’t think I’d like to see he handed another €1.75M over the next 7 years. I don’t think I’d like to see anyone paid that salary in Ireland for the role of president.

That €1.75M could go a long way to getting the homeless people sleeping in tents in the Phoenix Park back on their feet.


And that’s before you think about his warbling eulogy for a murdering dictator. He should have been run out of town for that. One of the most disgraceful utterances by an Irish president.


Sure after taxes thats only around 2500 euro per week. With rent prices and living costs these days that would barely keep his head above water…


The water wouldn’t have to be very high for Michael D to be up to his neck in it! :grinning:


Every man, President or otherwise, should reserve the right so salute a fellow socialist.


Even champagne wannabee socialists like Mickey D?


It’s a tough gig, living away from your spiritual home in rented accommodation. His gardening bills for the park must be astronomical.