Get It Off Your Chest


Yeah and having to pay way over the odds fir a ‘helper’ to find his way through all them campsites in the park. The poor fella, he must be sick of them festivals…


Yes far worse then flying the flag at half last for Hitler. :thinking:

He is doing a grand job is be happy for him to stay on


Imagine we had have got Gallagher.


If we got Martin he’d have died in Office


That is factual.

Amazing that during a massive recession caused primarily by FF the country almost voted for a FF president. That’s extraordinary.


Funny you should mention that. Godwin’s law and all that. He wasn’t Hitler. But he was responsible for thousands of deaths. He was a dictator basically for life. And our President thought that that was something to be praised. Disgusting.


We have short memories. A bit like Mickey and his statement that he would only serve one term. Then again his party colleague Pat the Rabbit was able to tell a few white lies so I guess thats the labour way. I don’t think Mickey D is doing a grand job, not for that money.


What do we expect from our president, or to out it another way - what should the president do??


What can he actually do anyway. Its a token position that signs off on already approved laws and acts as an ambassador to dignitaries and or successful Irish people by hosting them in his gaff for an afternoon and occasionally opening a new community centre or some such


Maybe go one better and take a much bigger pay cut? Its not as if he needs the money now is it. Is that what hardcore socialists do or am I mixing them up with some religious order?


Well according to Paschal Donehue…

"For example he is the person that has the ability to make a decision about a piece of legislation, he has the Council of State, he has the capacity to accept or refuse a decision from the Taoiseach to go to a General Election,

Thats a lot of responsibility. I thought I saw him alright protesting to Michael Noonan when he had all the big wigs from the vulture fund co-op around for a cup of tea and a big pile of ghost estates.

Of course he would never do that. But if he wasn’t president and a FF or FG person was in there he would be shouting fire from below.


wonder has pat appeared back down from his own arsehole yet.


Im sure once an election comes the little rabbit will poke its head out.


@dcr22B Just saw the first post in this thread and wondering how your friend is doing since the hit and run?

Was anyone ever caught and charged?


Do you think that’s warrented?


yes (and yes i’m ignoring your pun)


I kinda referred to that he signs off on legislation and can veto but in reality he never would


Free entry to all sports events - top seats and hospitality


You or Mickey D?


Who’s Mickey D?!