Get It Off Your Chest


Michael D Higgins.




Sean Gallagher throwing his hat back in the ring.


Tweet Mother of God …


Did someone say envelope?


He’d need to make some prudent lifestyle choices to survive on that!


So Castro is worse then Hitler but no one can question this becouse of an out of context adage? Or are you missing the original refrence


Who said Castro was worse than Hitler? You were the one who brought him up for some reason.

Higgins eulogized a muderous dictator. End of story. There’s no excuse for it


Fiddley Castro and Mickey D, working for The Man and living beyond your means have history it seems… (look from 2:18 if you suffer from being hard-of-attention):



One of the most disgraceful utterances by an Irish president


I’m pointing out the hysteria in this statement.

Head of state have a diplomatic obligation and irish Presidents of have said and done many unpalatable things in the eyes of others but its their job to do it.


You can’t take Higgins seriously he lives ina bubble in Moscow 1885 he’s a harmless leprechaun


Really? Well other than the obvious one you’ve already mentioned could you suggest some of those that were worse than sympathizing with a man who presided over up to 50000 extra judicial killings, censored the press, locked up opponents and saw 2 million of his people risk their lives fleeing his regime on rickety boats. And so on. That’s the man Michael D. decided to eulogize. What Irish president has done worse than that bar DeValera’s all time winner.

Michael D is supposed to be a democrat . No true democrat would ever write the shite he wrote about a Castro type figure.


Lets protest on Sat during the match. Start with Flags then organise a stand up and clap on the 50th minute


Michael D. is a ledge! A learned, bi-lingual, poet and politician who has a social conscience and cares about people. Our Che Guevara from the west! Some on here would prefer the Seán Gallaghers of the world- who know all about business and corporatism and prudent choices! God save us from any more of that.


This is an act of war


We regularly fete US presidents and UK prime ministers, all of which have equally as much blood on their hands?


Never seen the Guinness and Smirnoff Ice trend so?


It’s like something out of Aliens.




Guinness can be rank at the best of times , this just compounds it .