Get It Off Your Chest


Sean Gallagher travelled the road to Damascus the other way it seems. I read he started off in community work etc then in later life moved into business, some of which was a highly paid operation advising sports clubs etc on how to apply for funding from various bodies. Some of the reports were eye-opening.



What a great location for it :unamused:


my mate works for a gas company up there - making contingency plans for the gas mains were they have built bonfires over and arent going to be removed


It’s their KKKulture


I used to go to college in Athlone. It was the worse I have ever seen. As soon as pubs or nightclubs closed it was carnage.


You need to see a speech therapist with that stutter.


Yes pleanty , Thatcher, Churchill, Reagon, Franco all have plenty of blood in their hands, that’s not even mention Soviet leaders. The state recognised these deaths one way or another. Castro was a dictator due to the one party state as China is today. And yes many people fled the country unhappy with his regime . That said he had the support of the majority of the people and his country had and has a far higher standard over living then most in the region despite sanction.


I don’t remember the presidents of the time writing glowing eulogies about any of them.

And your last point is decidedly arguable. But never mind. If there’s an election we’ll hear plenty more about this.


He deserves a second term. Cost cartel on the gravy train express chug along nicely. ■■■■■.


KKKulture is right.

Arlene would be proud.


Its estimated 2 million Cubans live outside Cuba.
I don’t think they all went by rickety boats.


Nor Ryanair …


They turned on their heels?



am assuming the house breakers built the bonfire and that is a safety notice ?


She is doing really well now, was back at matches with us a few months later.

AFAIK they never got anyone for it.


You won’t see Jeffrey Donaldson or Jim Allister tweeting about that…instead they look to the past and bleep on about the IRA…

Disgusting culture they have…I’m not sure I would even want them to join the republic. Weird mentality up there




Fact is…there never was a “united” Ireland