Get It Off Your Chest


It’s disgusting behaviour, surprised anyone would try to excuse it.
There’s no way he should be brandishing a gun doing a favour for someone.
I hope he gets the book thrown at him but knowing the Guards he’ll probably be promoted.


what exact favour is he doing ?

your going by the comments on a you tube video ?


I’m asking the question
If you know more feel free to enlighten me.


What Bosco said - doing someone a favour??

Video only shows a Garda under such pressure that he feels he has to draw his firearm for protection. If he feels a threat and has to shoot the dog, well so be it.


i don’t know anything bar an news report last night and a video this morning which i got sent via whats app.

People will see what they want to see. I’m looking at the video and making my mind up. We don’t see what went on before.

The description on the video says the copper shot the dog then shot yer man. So why is the woman saying she ‘has it on a lead’ while the other guy seems to be holding it by the collar as his right shoulder is lower.
Its hardly a dead dog on a lead if you go by the description and then the copper shoots the other guy in the foot ‘Tom you shot me in the foot’.


From -
could be as equally bollox as the description to the you tube video

There is transcript of a chat doing the rounds on Whatsapp: Anyway Johnjoe or whoever was disarmed of a hook beforehand. Which was why the Gda had his gun drawn.
Fair enough if you ask me.


Where’s the guard with the gun , is he out of the picture ?

Edit , oh I see it in his hands now .


Time will tell what the real story was, like I say if he’s there to help out a friend and throw his weight around it’s outrageous imo but it’s only conjecture so I’ll say no more.


Apparently the Garda shot the dog and the other fella got shot when the same bullet ricocheted off the ground straight afterwards.

You can’t even shoot someone in public these days and it’s all over social media!



It was pointed out to me before , I think around there , that a family owns a huge house there . You pass it on the main road as you pass through .Place is like a mansion .


Wait until you see the claims going in for this. A thriving soccer career ended when armed policeman shot him in the foot. 2 million


maggie cash has had her say on the matter.


Sob stories will be spun if these little shits are caught


And she’d know all about working of course…


5 years jail time for ramming a car with your forklift truck type vechicle & impaling the driver with the prongs…over a row about crows…

That’s nearly as much as fiddling your tax return on imported garlic… :roll_eyes:


Yeah I won’t say the name here but lovely family…they have paid a visit to our locality in the past for some “shopping”


On the train yesterday & a woman was doing the same I could hear her shit over my music even though I had in ear headphones with my music playing loud. I couldn’t believe it, I thought it turned on by accident but no she stared at her screen for the journey


He’s turned into an arsehole . Been following him for a couple of years now & the guy is toxic


Yeah in this day and age that’s what a gaurd would do shoot someone while doing a nixer while being recorded on a phone.

Believe it’s linked to the same ethnic minority involved with this -