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Who the ■■■■ thought this was a good statement to put out


Jeeze Mugabe cuts a shambolic figure. Incoherent and rambling speech, no resignation. What are the military at? He’s been given a lot of latitude for a man who has never given others much …


He’s waiting for Arsene Wenger to step down first.


We’re all familiar to the phrase “It could happen to a bishop” but “It could happen to a choir boy” is probably stretching it…


Dublin v mayo 2017 thread
Serious questions need to be asked as to how this forum is moderated. Having just witnessed a poster getting suspended by a moderator whom he was in direct debate with over the use of the word “moron” hardly the worst language on here. Later It can clearly be seen in the discussion that the moderater is highly offended by use of the word moron in reference to mayo players and then takes it upon himself ALONE to close the thread. This cannot be acceptable oversight seriously, what part of Dublin gaa supporters forum am I missing in this .


I think his first mistake was calling a mod a moron , I suspect he didn’t know who he was talking to .
I called O’Shea a bollix on another thread and nothing was said…


Serious questions?

Here @Nappertandy set up a tribunal why don’t ye? I have explained my reasons for what I did and the site owner agreed with how I handled it. If you have a problem with it, there are plenty of other Dublin supporters forums or Facebook pages which are a bit more loose in their moderation if that’s what you want…


Really, is that the standard. I would have given the mods on here more credit than that, very peed off if that’s the minimum standard of moderation we are to accept on ressers.


Gotta draw the line somewhere , can’t have this place descending into a free for all .


So you think it’s alright to continuously call a player a moron, be asked nicely to not use it out of respect and then get two snide responses?


Your being disingenuous with your reply, is this a forum open to the odjective opinions of Dublin supporters or is it your forum where only opinions acceptable to you are allowed. I would also like to make note, that it seems to me, you have a particular standard for mayo that is not there for any other county including Dublin, the county you profess to support. It’s my observation and it is not intended as an insult more a matter I find concerning as you are a moderator.


Players are called a lot worse on here I rightly or wrongly get the impression you have a personal interest in this and are taking it personally


So it’s acceptable to call people “fucking clueless” but not “moron” , is that correct as has occurred in the Dub v mayo thread .


I do not have a particular standard for Mayo and I do find it funny that you mention objective opinions. I hardly think that calling players from any county (not just Mayo) morons and muppets to be unacceptable.

Dub95 was unfortunate enough that he was replying to me. Unfortunately, we can’t scrutinise every post around here so similar insults may fall under the radar and that is why we have a flagging option. You might take exception with what @Rochey posted earlier but I didn’t see anything wrong with it as it wasn’t exactly personal.


If you want to flag the post again, work away and see if the other mods opinion differ to mine. If it is then so be it but you can cut your psychoanalyzing of my mindset thanks very much.


Them therz de rulz, and if yez dont likes zem, we got more :+1:


Jog on to facebook will you and stop plaguing the place with your digital diarrhoea.




On our floor, all of the guys, called him Flemingo…


I think your showing bias here and your not convincing me any different.
It’s simple if you don’t like the site don’t use it.
You won’t be any loss as all you do is try wind people up.
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ABOVE is comment made on Dublin v mayo thread made after thread was closed without giving me the right to reply an opinion on a discussion PARISH is not involved in and making an accusation wholely untrue. I have taken exception to how a poster was treated here as I believe it to be unfair and undemocratic. Is constructive criticism not tolerated, is this a forum for people’s opinions or is it only the opinions of those in agreement with the mods that is tolerated. Mods making accusations against me that are wholey untrue on a closed thread in defence of another mod who I believe to have acted unfairly and with bias. who I took exception with in a fair open and honest manner. My track record on ressers is there for people to see, I enjoy most aspects of discussion on here, but am extremely disappointed that a heavy handed and unfair bullying censorship is being displayed. We are quite capable of demanding a high standard from others on the net yet here, we ourselves, have displayed the lowest form of debate. Asking me to leave ressers and accusing me of being a throll or trouble maker or any such response is ignoring the fundamental flaw in this forum, which all who post on here should be concerned with fixing.