Getting to Omagh


Dcb confirmed by email that each club will receive the same allocation as the 2017 all Ireland hurling final. Which will prob vary from 4-16 depending on the club.


Shite - does that mean Arlene will be there?!


Yep !


Join the AA today!


That’s an improvement for Arlene, and Gerry maybe, also.


Has anyone found a way of getting back to Dublin on public transport after the game?
Emailed bus eireann today and they said they have no plans to put on a later bus. :frowning:


According to the timetables for the 32 route (Dublin-Letterkenny, which stops in Omagh) there is a bus that leaves Letterkenny at 01:45 am. Gets to Omagh at 2:30am.


Yeah seen that alright, gets in to Dublin at 5:10 am. Not too keen on hanging around till that hour, knowing my luck I’d fall asleep.


Well… a man of my wealth and class has a reserved section. You’ll see me with my smoking jacket.

You plebs will have to slum it with the commoners.

As for the game…I’ve had 2 bad experiences on the bounce…the semi and the league game in HP.

Not sure the nerves could heck a 3rd one.


Tyrone County Council just passed a motion to ensure every Dubliner is escorted off the county limits asap after the game.



Well stay away from all the bonfires then so. Jesus, it’s hardly rocket science. :fire: :fire: :fire:


Driving options. . Anyone before Blanch should take M3, Anyone after Blanch take M1 come of at Ardee or continue to Dundalk cross country via C’macross. Let’s try avoid the virginia bottleneck situation we faced last year for the Cavan trip…


Gonna look at coming into Omagh from a completely different direction - north, north-east if possible.


North North East M1 Dundalk, Newry or Armagh and across… couple of extra KM but could be well worth it time wise




Gotcha… will delete now


Anyone before Blanch, kinda depends on what side of the M50 you are coming from, no? :wink:


I fcuking knew someone would say that,


The trick is to avoid coming into Omagh in the first place.

When you’re on the main road from Ballygawley to Omagh (A5)…turn right at Vale Meats which brings you to the old hospital road.

Once there, you can take the back road to Healy Park and get good parking.

If you try driving through Omagn and Gortin road on match day, you’ll be hammered in traffic.

Ps don’t forget to fill up on some of Tyrone’s finest launders diesel!


As long as you can guarantee no customs checkpoints… @1.40+ now it has got ridiculous