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14th december


Anyone seen Justice league yet? Hoping to get along tomorrow. Hearing mixed reviews.


For any gaeilgeoirs out there or indeed anyone whatsoever, there’s an excellent film out called Song of Granite. It’s about Joe Heaney, one of Ireland’s most renowned sean nos singers. Must admit I hadn’t heard of him until I was dragged along. It’s only on in IFI and I think maybe the Lighthouse as well.


Anyone seen the new star wars ? Hearing it’s not great.


not hipster enough for me. (see above).


Saw a cracker last week too. On DVD so hopefully I don’t get scolded for it being in the wrong thread :slight_smile:

A prayer before dawn

Probably my movie of the year, phenomenal shtuff.


It’s a load of me hoop…if you are over the age of 30. In fairness, it still hasn’t match the lows of JarJar Binks and hormonal Hayden Christenson but it’s getting close.


Heard mixed reviews. I’ll reserve judgement. Justice League was a load of hoop.


I loved it. Not up there with the initial 3 movies, but a great movie nonetheless! JJ has to direct the last one


As a life long Star Wars fan I really enjoyed it. I’d say it’s the best SW film since Empire. It’s a bit over long and I feel that it makes too many nods to the original trilogy, but it’s not as derivative as the Force Awakens was.

The big thing for me is that it does things that I was not expecting, which helps make the series feel fresh again. This is clearly no longer Luke, Leia and Han’s story (although they still have parts to play) and I think some older SW fans have reacted negatively to that.


Oddly enough, Rogue One was my favourite SW film in donkeys years.

I think the mistimed attempts at humour, the Rebellion now being small enough to have their Christmas party in the Dawson Lounge jacks and the least convincing bad guy since Skeletor is really what put me off.


Bladerunner 49, superb filmmaking. Even HFord was OK in it. Not for the short of attention span, Ewokees take note.


I actually liked what they did in those regards, but of course to each their own.

I do however take great exception sir to your diss on Skeletor. Truly the greatest of eighties villains


Hans Gruber openly mocks you.


And Mrs Thatcher not even cold…


We weren’t shy of villains in the 80’s. The very reverend Dr Ian also…

As an aside, that bitch was cold before she died…


Love it :slight_smile:


Pfft, despite all his posturing, all his little speeches, he is nothing but a Common Thief.


It’s poxy.

Actually it’s not entirely poxy. Its best bits are up there as some of the best Star Wars scenes, really good cinematic pieces. Top notch.

Unfortunately its bad bits are truly awful. I mean appalling. Poorly judged and at times spectacularly out of place humour, nonsense and irrelevant plot lines and themes (animal rights?? Fuck off, it’s space ya c*nt), and a couple of scenes that literally had me saying WTF.

Unsurprisingly it has received very mixed reviews.


Going to see it tomorrow night. On another note a girl in work has never watched them… ever… so she asked in what order? I had a think about it and said

1, 2, 3 rogue one, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Ignore the little furry fuckers in battle for Endor.