Golf 2019

McIlroy wouldn’t get on the Holywood Barton Shield team. Totally overrrated throughout his career.

Well yesterday was something else. The USGA went a bit o.t.t. with the pin positions. To the extent that 4 players are tied for the lead at +3. DJ shot 7 over and actually played very well on the back 9. Stenson struggled with the putter but is still in the shake up. Finau and Berger both only made the cut mark by one stroke afaik, and now find themselves in the final pairing! Gonna be some final round. Even par will win it the experts reckon. The high stool awaits!

He should be DQ’d maybe even DQ himself if he wanted to show some genuine remorse for what he done, I like Phil a lot but he done wrong and just like the Andy Moran incident a few weeks ago the hierarchy are reluctant to go after the people’s champion, it could end up costing another player who might be close to losing their tour card next year as the further down your finishing position the less money you make.

Ah jaysus Mickey disrespect me arse - totally frustration at a head wrecking course. We need to see more of it - humanise golf a bit and take the po-faced snobbery out of it.


Agree with you about snobbery, but his actions were akin to a dive for a penalty or someone feigning an injury to try get another sent off, it’s a form of cheating, no ?

Ah he knew he wasn’t getting away with it though

Tommy Fleetwood sitting in the clubhouse on +2 after a stunning 63 today. Could be enough if conditions worsen.

It almost was. Koepka was phenomenal. He spent a few years living over here, down in Kerry unless I’m mistaken. Cut his teeth on the European tour, and still has an Irish caddy.

Nice place money back off Finau and Stenson. Finau missed a few key putts but still, don’t think he troubled the winner too much

Fleetwood really coughed it up on Saturday. Missed so many putts. and on 18 tonight from 4 feet, he’ll have a lot of sleepless nights about that one unfortunately

Savage stuff from Brooks. Had some big par / bogey saves in the middle of the round to get him home.

Fleetwood put on an exhibition all week apart from Saturday. His price should tumble before Carnoustie.

I wish he’d bin the mullet.

Going to get back to putting some small bets on the golf again.

Dave Tindall has a fairly compelling article on Betfair tipping Charley Hoffman this week. That’s where my money is gone.

Harrington at 175/1 was also tempting. British Open not far away he can’t be too far away from form…

The Open is at Carnoustie this year - the scene of Harrington’s first Major Championship win ELEVEN years ago.

Hard to believe it’s that long ago. Just had a look and Harrington is only 66/1 to win it with PP. I still think he has one massive win in him somewhere, would love it to be a major. Very likeable character.

Jesus 11 years where has the time gone :open_mouth:

DJ / Rory to win

Hatton and Noren Top 10

Southgate and Fritelli Top 20

I hate that Sky have the live TV rights on this. Coupled with the game losing a lot of its emphasis on skill as against power off the tee, and I find it increasingly boring to watch.
That said, The Open is probably my favourite tournament to watch.

If I was to have a wager or two, I woulf be looking at Louis Oosterhuizen (66-1) and Sergio Garcia (33-1), both each way.

rory or Harrington to make a good effort

Thought you were talking about GAA there …

Well… you could argue Sky’s cash injections have increased the stakes in a lot of sports to a point that too much money is at stake and winning is all that matters.