Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread

Cheggars :cry: last time I heard of him he was presenting the show in the nude. Bizarre what people will do to stay in the public eye

Cheggars is brown bread now.

Noel Edmonds would put years on you …

Noel Edmunds is presenting a live debate between Corbyn and BoJo on BBC ahead of the 31st October Brexit deadline.

Ye, fair comment.

It’s a long time ago now, but back in the seventies he was an excellent Radio 1 Breakfast Show host.

Was it Noel or Mike Reid presenting swap shop when the band Matt Bianco were on and viewers could phone in and give an opinion on the band and their latest single. One listener when prompted told Matt Bianco they were a bunch of wankers . Funny stuff for kids tv in 1981 or thereabouts.

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Band were founded in the year you were on the Hill so reckon it was a bit later than that

It was 1984 on Saturday superstore it seems.


And a little respect from all those fuckwits in the media please!

great album cover and typography

favourite Erasure Album

Not sure if you rem this classic Matt Bianco

If my memory is correct Matt Bianco/Fine Young Cannibals & Jennifer Rush were nominated both bands decided Jennifer Rush was going to win so Mark Reilly arranged that they would throw a cake in her face when she was announced. It when pearshaped when Matt Bianco (Mark Reilly) was named & the FYC guy just went WTF i might as well hoof it into his face :rofl: Mark did seem to enjoy the stunt that he arranged :grin:

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Saw them in the Olympia 2 yrs ago fantastic gig, great band. I was always baffled how they never hit the bigtime

Please god we have none of this tomorrow night.

Batton down the hatches, this is not a drill Adele has filed for divorce. That can mean only 1 thing there’s a really shite album on the way


You might not like her music but she’s a fantastic singer IMO.

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What, another one? Should join forces with Stephen King and do a joint album/novel and call it Misery II

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They could use @bigp’s typewriter

One for the lads, from us here, and Rory’s mates: