Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread

My brother (aka MunMan) got a slap off Philo in the jacks of the pink elephant the night after the 83 All Ireland when he asked if he wanted to play for the Mun. True story!


Philo, Francis Rossi from the Quo, the Roche family were mixing with a lot of rock stars in 1983😃



Not to mention Cedarwood Road’s finest …

The closest I ever came to rockstars was passing Adam Clayton and Bono on o Connell bridge about 15 years ago. Actually I got fergal sharkey s autograph one the virgin megastore in 1988 now that I think of it.

And he crashed his car outside my mam’s house! That’s a story for another day!

Such a pity you can’t see the videos for these, this a show I’d have sold the granny to have got to:

Mind you, there is still this, Leon Russell, something in the way he moves!

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Pre his Maserati days I am guessing ?

Billy Preston long gone too

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A green Fiat 127 actually. And a half drunk buideal uiscue baithe!

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You live amd learn as they say … this Res Dubberliner’s thread is not just a hotbed of (mostly excellent) music afficiandos … but also the home of many of the movers and shakers behind the stars of the 70s and 80s music scene …e.g. rubbing shoulders on the Hill with Philo … watching the car crash that is Bono … playing the odd game of rounders with Fran Rossi … in Ballymun …

Keep on rockin’ Resser guys :musical_note:

Ps Still to come I’d venture … after hours with Def Leppard in The Pink … sharing a Carolls No 1 with Bono in the old Horsehoe Bar … and any more.

No words …

He had a good heart.


For the times we’re living through:

I was just about to say that, you little thief!

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Jeeze I can’t get over you

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I worked in Horseshoe Bar when I was younger. Rick Allen had his wedding in the Shelbourne, and they all came into the Horseshoe after, hadn’t a clue who he was when serving him until about an hour later he took off his jacket and prosthetic arm :joy::joy:


Best story fós a mhac !

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Sorry @daddyo. bit late to this. Breadfan is a tuuuunnnnneee

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