Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Not to mention Cedarwood Road’s finest …

The closest I ever came to rockstars was passing Adam Clayton and Bono on o Connell bridge about 15 years ago. Actually I got fergal sharkey s autograph one the virgin megastore in 1988 now that I think of it.

And he crashed his car outside my mam’s house! That’s a story for another day!

Such a pity you can’t see the videos for these, this a show I’d have sold the granny to have got to:

Mind you, there is still this, Leon Russell, something in the way he moves!

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Pre his Maserati days I am guessing ?

Billy Preston long gone too

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A green Fiat 127 actually. And a half drunk buideal uiscue baithe!

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You live amd learn as they say … this Res Dubberliner’s thread is not just a hotbed of (mostly excellent) music afficiandos … but also the home of many of the movers and shakers behind the stars of the 70s and 80s music scene …e.g. rubbing shoulders on the Hill with Philo … watching the car crash that is Bono … playing the odd game of rounders with Fran Rossi … in Ballymun …

Keep on rockin’ Resser guys :musical_note:

Ps Still to come I’d venture … after hours with Def Leppard in The Pink … sharing a Carolls No 1 with Bono in the old Horsehoe Bar … and any more.

No words …

He had a good heart.


For the times we’re living through:

I was just about to say that, you little thief!

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Jeeze I can’t get over you

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I worked in Horseshoe Bar when I was younger. Rick Allen had his wedding in the Shelbourne, and they all came into the Horseshoe after, hadn’t a clue who he was when serving him until about an hour later he took off his jacket and prosthetic arm :joy::joy:


Best story fós a mhac !

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Sorry @daddyo. bit late to this. Breadfan is a tuuuunnnnneee

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“Take a load of fanny”…
Misheard lyrics.

Love the “Crazy Chester followed me…” verse.

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A great song . Fuckwits like Travis covering it should be outlawed. The last waltz should be compulsory watching for all bands/ artists. A truly talented band , great musicians each one of them.

I also thought initially he said “ take a load of fanny” :sweat_smile: