Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Me nerves.


Rufus is NY NY somebody Kenny?


Only heard yesterday via the Second Captains podcast that Tony Evans was in The Farm.


Never knew that.


Ah @Rufus_T_Firefly man - only coming to this now - but quality quality
Delighted to get some unanswered ones that are classic one hits - here goes!

Super stuff!


Great responses there @DUB09 - many’s the one would know the record, but putting the artist to it is a different matter.

Time for Action was indeed a great mod band - Secret Affair. A brilliant track and they followed it up in 1980 with another brilliant track - title please?

In Zaire was Johnny Wakelin - can you name his other single which was a tribute to the Greatest?


Muhamad the Black Superman! Jaysus unreal … :joy:

Secret Affair can’t think - i was a semi mod and remember them but not the songs bizarrely!

Lene Lovich actually looked like this years Eurovision winner if I remember right!


My World - a brilliant track.


Right so, I’ll take that as a “yes Al it was Kenny”.



Sorry mate - Thursday evening is my footy night - so only coming on here after ten and I missed that post!

Yes Alphonsos, it was Kenny!! :yum:


Kenny Rogers?
Kenny Loggins?


Pat Kenny…


Because lads, its a fooking lovely day out there…


Kenny Everett?


Kenny Daglish ?



Kenny not just have the one name?


Inda Kinny?


BBC 4 last night - great show on one-hit wonders…

I can remember this one - it’s class…


And who does remember Bruce Hornsby?

Real blue-collar music.