Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


A genuine guilty pleasure.


So many sounds … truly orchestral


Colourbox provided the soundtrack to my finals at university back in the mid eighties. This classic was said to have made it down to the final three for use by the Beeb as their theme tune to their 1986 World Cup Programmes. Its missing out in no way diminshes its greatness.


Heard this in a shop at lunchtime, forgot just how good it is.


That’s Joe Dallesandro manhood.
He’s also “Little Joe” from Walk on the wild side and on the cover of The Smiths debut album.
Quite the roll call in fairness :grinning:


I still haven’t got over how X-Factor hijacked that tune. Made me enjoy listening to the Stones version all the more!


Who can tell me who the drummer is here with Knopfler and Liam O’Flynn? I really ought to know but his name escapes me. Steve Cooney and Arty McGlynn are the other guitarists and the chap from The Chieftains is on Fiddle.


Love this and that John Sheahan plays along. I love Ms Hannigan’s voice.


Two drummers are listed in the notes as “NHB members”, could be House Band??

By the way, yes, yes of course, Lisa Hannigan’s voooiiiiiice…


Drummer is familiar. Think he played with Davey Spillane in the 90’s among others.




Garfunkel with lovely cover here .
Voice like an angel

Class video with a youngish Gary Oldman





Agnus Dei hasn’t recovered since she lost the abortion referendum


Allegri is still getting over the Champions League losses too.




You know what would be good, if they got the Definitely Maybe era line up back together, after that it all got a bit wishy washy and sterile for me*

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