Good News Stories


Just a shame the scumbags weren’t trapped inside!!!


Hopefully they will be caught, our container is feet beside theirs and we were lucky that ours wasn’t set alight and delighted to see they’ve been given great support.

A lot of anti social behaviour seems to be going on lately.


I posted earlier the training jersey was not in oneills but having had another look at the training video I’m certain they are available in oneills.


Excellent , is it just in that warehouse or online ?


I seen them in the factory outlet, it’s certainly worth a visit as their is a lot of new stuff and some value upstairs on the last season stuff. I think it’s open Sunday if your travelling up for the game.


The Walkinstown shop is a palace of dreams.


Nightmares if the sprogs are with you …


I just scatter the bouncy balls all over the floor and they run after them. Gives me loads of time to check out the fat dad jerseys.


Would be interested in the fat dad polo shirts but the material has gone all slinky.


That was the swimsuits you were feeling up. Stay on the ground floor, the manly mans section.


Ahhhh…was wondering why a T-shirt was sawing the bollix off me.


Too much information!


I didn’t even mention the skid marks


Ahh heeee-oorrrrr!




Anything over 6mths and he’s booted out of the Dail :crossed_fingers:


Please God.


Drumm and Lowry getting jail time in the same week? Welcome signs of change.


Fined 15k what a fucking joke :-1:

Not even a suspended sentence


Last January the same judge jailed a 63 yr old woman for 10 months for social welfare fraud (€100,000 over 13 yrs). 2 tier justice.