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Hes also the guy who sent a man to jail of the underpayment of duty on garlic


maybe he is becoming lenient in his old age :roll_eyes:


That’s Ireland for you.


Sensational !!!


Dolan has one previous conviction for custody of a forged death certificate. The court heard a “substantial bill” was cleared after a phone company was contacted to say “Neil Dolan” had died and were furnished with a death certificate.

The company’s suspicions were raised a few weeks later when Dolan tried to have the number reactivated and gardai were called.



Common sense has prevailed !!!


Wonderful news…so far!


Good stuff


Nothing is good about that whole story




Kids are too tech savy these days .Theyd figure it out eventually how to bypass these restrictions .


Mobile phones and technology are doing horrific damage to children. They are becoming addicted and unable to regulate. If regulation is not imposed now, it will be too late.


Its gas when ya think about it that during our childhoods we managed wifhout smart phones , consoles , etc . It must be terribly difficult to monitor a child’s use of the internet .

I think this is a great idea & very doable

“The Bill also requires all mobile phones to be labelled and handed in at the start of the school day and returned at day’s end.
The legislation also provides for a code for the use of other digital devices and requires school boards to provide information from experts to parents, pupils and staff.”


I know what you mean. About time is probably a better way of putting it @25AliveOh


Very true. I dropped mine on the young fella’s toe the other week and he had bruising - though not life changingly so.


There was a study about 8 years ago on this, think it was MIT, found that 69% of kids between age of 7-11 who used mobile devices for more than 4 hrs a day had attention span of 20 seconds in class.
They gave group of 4yr olds books, group was made up of kids that had access to phones & tablets ranging from 0-5hrs per day. Report showed 40% of the group tried to either swipe the front of books or looked for the On button.


50% of all statisitics are not true but half them are true.


You looked that up on your phone!


Did in me hole - I was born and raised in Ct and only moved here in recent years when I became interested in the GAH I think you guys call it?