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Merciful Hour …


Ya think that’s bad? Kids are not even to to bothar swiping it’s hey google, Siri and Alexa, OMG no voice commands? This so unfair I actually have to swipe? OMG


And then people wonder why they can’t hold down a job that involves actual problem solving skills and social interaction.



It’s good that the fans and families are vindicated but does this make anything any better really? Drags it all up again and an old man who made the sort of mistakes that haunt you forever is now probably going to jail. He may well deserve it but I don’t see what it achieves. Nothing good anyway.


Never give up hope!!!


Great story, though it could be months before they get them all out, apparently.

Just as well the football coach wasn’t Barry Bennell.


You sure about that ? :thinking:

I think it’s probably a good thing they weren’t stuck down there with someone like him


They’re heading into the monsoon season. There is the potential for the caves to remain flooded in that time, preventing them from walking out. In that scenario, the only other option is for them to scuba dive out, zero visibility. They are taking 4 months of supplies to them.


Holy shit.


O’Sullivan showed good awareness and acceleration down the home straight to surge through the smallest of gaps between Ukraine’s Anastasiya Kudinova and Denisa Folkova of Czech Republic

Taking after her mother


As Ted said ‘she’s a great filly …’



I believe that’s what the French call “Le Sickener”


“I rode her mother in Galway…”


Sadly, an experienced ex-navy diver has died having delivered oxygen to the stranded boys.
It just highlights how perilous the boys’ situation is.


Get it up ye Healy Rae Ye Yerra Prick



Some line up just on the United side :clap:


Shows how much he was respected there . Absolutely great cause . There will be huge demand for tickets I’d imagine . They easily could have got a great turnout for the Aviva but obviously its poignant to have it at the Cross.