Good News Stories


I knew it! Been telling people for years and years the above-the-knee shorts are where it’s at, not those wuss-effort down to the ankle “oh but I’m wearing these for summer coolness” yokes. Never was “cut-off” so apt


Will Colm O Rourke want Thailand split in two after their recent success?? I hope not!!


And here’s me thinking Berno could look good in anything, looks like Littlewoods just proved me wrong…


So I take it you have ordered four pairs of them skinny jeans in black, salmon pink, lemon yellow and beta blue? You’ll look fabulous! :sunglasses:


I seen him at the dubstars a few years getting a sneer of Des Cahill over some very bright coloured socks and a pair of trousers that looked to short for him. But I’m willing to forgive him Harry… A man that wears his socks up to his knees and has a great barnet and kick points like him deserves a bit of slack! :wink:


Get a load of Gok Wan!


I still miss those tweed trousers…


I bet your crotch/groin don’t.


You’re trying to trick me into sending you another photo aren’t you?


I’d rather go out in me nip, as the man said.


With respect, that’s your answer to everything :slight_smile:


It got me to where I am today.

** Reevaluates approach in life **


Well, I still don’t believe that was you in the other pictures you sent.


You think it was my face but Mr Burns body?
I get that a lot…



See Jamie Heaslips missus had a baby. I fookin told her not to call her that!


The Indo will have something to write about now that Harry and Megs have gone home.


Harper? Bizarre …


Harper Heaslip? Jesus, sounds like a law firm on Law & Order. :thinking:


It’s a very fashionable name