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Yea I think St Brendans and Portrane amalgamated and thats who I played against when Dessie was playing. I only started playing to get out of classes in secondary school and I was brutal outfield so went in goals and turned out I didn’t mind being hit with the ball.
Playing a schools match one afternoon in Clontarf I think, before all the fancy padding they have now, you had the kickers, leg guards, chest protector and helmut, but not the big padded shorts they have now. The old school ‘box’ was the protection you had. There was a shot which I was at full splits to save, the rebound went straight to one of their lads who hit it first time, while I was still on the ground legs a kimbo. The ball crept in under the box and caught the back of the 2 lads down there. I had to be carried off the pitch, puking. Shocking experience


When I used to go watch the cousins (in the 70s, well pre-Dessy at that stage) all the psychiatric hospitals had teams - Brendan’s, Loman’s, Ita’s, etc. Then they didn’t have the numbers and started amalgamating - I think they first became Brendan’s/Phoenix Park. I know now there is a team called Eastern Health.

The other part of your post made my eyes water …


You shoulda had a benefit dinner for the gooch


Wouldn’t a benefit ball have been better? (or maybe 2!)


I think everyone who read that post could feel your pain! A sliotar is one thing but a hockey ball- Christ!


Your balls got hockeyed?


A penalty stroke if ever there was one …


So, @Harper, as someone who has literally put his balls on the line for the sake of the team as a hockey goalkeeper, what did you make of Ayeisha McFerran’s efforts in the shoot-out?


Same positive attitude as her Uncle Bobby …


Because I’ve asked the question . The fact gaa has a footing in these posh school ( your quote not mine ) is a credit to Dublin gaa.
Treat other sports like mushrooms keep them in the dark and feed them shit is an attitude that lots have . I can see the reasons for it .
You’d notice the difference if or when hockey takes hold with the effect it would have on ladies football .


Ladies team sports are so grossly under represented in terms of resources, respect and funding, I couldn’t give a damm what sport any of them play, as long as they are playing something and, are reaping the same physical, mental and emotional benfits as their male counterparts.


Not a lot really. Don’t like that new shoot out method, much prefer the old way with the peno flicks. For her to only concede one goal in it though is some going. Have only seen one or two of them. Obviously as an avid Irish ladies hockey fan I would have watched the match, but I had to play a match meself last night


Your posting on a gaa page … and you don’t care what sport they play . Enough said


No. I just care about the physical, emotional & mental well being of over half the planets population, more than I do my own personal True Gael (Joe Brolly Industries Inc ™ ) qualifications.


I think this deserves to be a good news story. Love to see this happening for young couples. Wish it could happen to more. I have family caught in the rent trap and would love to see them plough their money into their own home.


And if other codes were coming in and taking men away from gaa then telling them they are not allowed play gaa ?


Is it just me or are the skirts a little on the short side?


Defo just you…


Ah they’re grand, they have the shickers, or skorts, or whatever they are called on under them :rofl:


Eastern Health were different afaik. Went out and trained with them in the mid 90’s when still in school as a teacher was involved there, also Mr White played a bit with them and would know more but here’s a bit about them