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While it is good news the insurance coming still picked up huge costs in contesting the original claim and then the appeal. Judges know if they award all costs against the claimants then their buddies won’t get paid. That’s half the problem … there is no consequence for these people.


“Justice Michael Hanna this week dismissed all four claims and awarded costs against the plaintiffs.”


This is true.


Scam culture is rife and has been for a long time, from top to bottom. It’s good that stories like this remind us how much moolah the insurance companies and legal profession are raking in.


its rife as there’s no consequences to a fraudulent claim or doesn’t appear to be anyway. That needs to change


All sorts of scam culture…


Good to see that though I’m not sure it’ll ever happen. This is what the insurer said after the original case when they lodged an appeal

“However, they highlighted how the appeal will again be cost-heavy.

Head of their fraud department, Rob Smyth, told “There is a significant cost in defending an appeal, whereas the plaintiffs are simply rolling the dice. It makes little or no difference to the plaintiffs if they owe us €20k or €40K hence the appeal.”

Incidentally that case was last May, same month as this one …


The name just seems to bring bad luck …í-1.3291459?mode=amp


It does. And in whiplash PI cases, there should be far more rigourous pre trial analysis of the available evidence, that would be alerting these scam artists that their case is unlikely to succeed if it ever went to court. Might put a lot of them off. The attending Guard’s statement as to the nature of the accident & the lack of damage to the other car, should have been flagged from the get go that this was a scam job. If they still want to still go ahead, on their own heads be it. I thought the Personal Injuries Board were supposed to be doing pre trial stuff like that?

Whiplash compo amounts needs to be lowered too & be more in line with European norms. Of course people are going to chance their arms, if there is a possible €25,000+ payday waiting for them at the end of it all.


Posted on twitter:
The fire brigade brought hot food, tea and coffee down to the striking nurses outside the Mater Hospital to show their support

Would be great if we all as workers would follow this example and reach out to the nurses on the picket line if only in a small way.



Lads that’s bleedin horrendous!


Way hay…another Bank Holiday.

Let’s give it up fer a birra Unity. (Not you Teresa.)

Wouldn’t have it in May though. Too close to other BH’s. February would be good. Something to look forward to after the long, hard slog of January, when Paddy’s Day seems years away.


Still call it the May Bank Holiday, no matter what month - naming it after the British PM who led them to Brexit.



It’s like feckin’ Chia Pet.


:+1: had to google what that was, you nailed it :grin:





cheque is in the post.


This is the Ronnie Drew statue.