Good News Stories



A judge with some cop on at last


Drumm gets 6 years.

What I was expecting with everything taken into account


And bonus points for using gallivanting.



I like this.

Watch Williesblog go into meltdown at Google for slagging them off… :slight_smile:

Quoted form the article.
There’s even a sly dig at County Mayo. Using the phrase “okay Google, Mayo for Sam?” elicits the response: “yeah, right.”




Not sure if this was posted elsewhere.
I hope it was the fairies that did it.




Its bad enough us robbing those All Irelands but now its personal.


if this is not a good new story I dont know what is. I hope Benro is back sometime this summer.


Real pity you can’t buy some of that training gear they have .
Lads look happy enough there .


Let me guess… a Brogan, Fenton & Dyson hoover hybrid? Cleans up all around it?

Is it from the same lab we manufacture our hurlers?


ha nothing gets by you PD. I’ll have to get that annoying grammarly installed.


No, no, no…it could work. It could really, really work. We just have to come up with a catchy marketing slogan for it.


Resistance is futile?


They might as well have had a few pints in Kavanagh’s - it’s all the prep they’ll need for the Super 8 … in a row!

Ps As Dublin fans we have to come up with a slang term for the Super8s … for me it’s the Happy Meal …


For Galway it’ll be garlic cheese fries to celebrate a result in Croker. Tasty, and tempting games in… Super 8s!!


Hopefully this is the start of the end of the compo culture!