Grassroots GAA


Just a quick update on grassroots…personally I think it’s great coverage of the club games I for one will buy a subscription…


I’ll also certainly be buying a subscription. It’s been a fantastic addition to the Dublin club scene and long may it continue.


Can lads put the details up on this forum how/where to pay please


I will for a fiver :moneybag:


Well worth it I would subscribe but I think u need to charge what is sustainable to run it long term . Dublin club gaa needs this badly . Coverage is shit compared to our country cousins . 20 euro a year isn’t too much . Only my opinion


Fully agree with that but I’m sure the lads who produce this product want to make sure there’s demand for it from everyone…i would presume once the number of subscriptions are high after the year and people realise how good it is the price can invariably increase…im sure @steveyblue will continue to fill us in


Dont tell Lone Ranger, he’ll add it to his list of reasons why the GAA is no longer amateur. :yum:


Absolutely will also take out a subscription. I don’t really get Stephen’s point in the article about not looking for corporate sponsorship though. Why not really? The more it is thriving and making money the more chance it will continue. When is a business not a corporation etc. also comes into it.

On a businessy front - there is scope here for extending this into other counties. It would have to be a specific type of model that allows expansion but can maintain some control of standards, but it’s possible. Gaelic Life is very successful and shows there is a huge market for grass roots GAA stuff.


To be honest I think he wants it to work without a big brand name backing it…the lads are extremely passionate about Gaelic Games and sometimes corporate sponsors aren’t always a good thing…I do see validity in what you’re saying though…


The Yearboook is another fine tradition gone by the wayside … had if for years when we won nothing and now that we’re winning it is no longer … VERY SAD :cry:


Is it Allianz or one of those who sponsor dubmatchtracker? Surely aig would get on board in some respect as they are trying to link heavily with Dublin


I think it is only an issue if there was a fear the corporation would want to influence the content or something, but that hardly arises from coverage of GAA games. But it’s a great project so who am I to tell anyone how to go about it. But I do see a real market for this, I think it can be much more then a labour of love.


I’m proud to have bought my subscription to Grassroots today , I’ve no connection to the company but if we don’t all sign up, we’ll be on here complaining that there is no coverage of our matches, all for a fiver !


Have you a link on how to subscribe/pay ?


Excellent service lads fair play! Thoroughly enjoyed The podcast/ Grassroots TV preview to the football championship, we’ll worth the price of a pint !


Have Grassroots gone on long term holidays? Can’t find any up dates since the end of April.


They only really do championship.