Gumshields for kids


Any recomendations for kids gumshields. Need to pick one up for the 4 year old.


Elvery’s For €5. It’s more about habit for kids that still have their milk teeth!


I got my 7 year old one that doesn’t need to be moulded. It has little slits all around the shield so it bends into shape of his mouth. I bought the moulded one and it was a disaster trying to get him to mould it correctly.

OPRO Snap-Fit is the name of it. Picked it up in a chemist


It doesn’t matter how much you spend or what you get because the little feckers will loose them. Wheres my gum shield is all I get of my kids.


Sounds familiar
I have often been in the car heading for match when the lads mention I need my gum Shield.