Happy Christmas in a happy thread!


Don’t see any other thread dedicated to my favourite time of year. With that in mind: https://youtu.be/MJ0RI_Iv4WM
T’was my dad’s favorite hymn and this version was especially brilliantly done!

The season brings all rafts of emotions, missing those gone, or away abroad and sharing great times with those we love still here.

So to ALL Ressers and your families, have a very happy Christmas. I hope you get all your heart desires. And for those who find it too tough at this time, please seek whatever it is that makes you happiest and healthiest.

From all my real family and I, the very best to you all! Merry Christmas.

Good vibes only on here please.


Fair play big man, very well said :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be my favourite “religious” Christmas Carol, too.

Best wishes to all, good tidings, etc.


Best wishes everybody.
Can be a tough time for lots of people so be kind to each other


merry christmas folks


Happy Christmas folks. May we basking in the glow of 5 in a row this time next year please God :pray:


All the best Rochey :grinning:


Happy Christmas and a wonderful new year to you all



A very Happy Christmas to all Ressers & our guests of course.


Rochey, what do you think?


Folks, thanks for a great 2018. Hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas. And mind the trams on your way home.

Great piece @Rochey.

Nollaig Shona a Chairde.


Walked off the plane with the young fella this morning. Sam Maguire was sitting on a table in Arrivals. He was delighted.


I’m flying in on Sunday morning. 10 years since the last time at Xmas. I see glorious Leopardstown in my future. One of the only places bar a hotel that you could get a drink on Stephenses years ago.


Best wishes everyone. My daughter came through her operation with no complications thankfully. Just spoke to her on skype and she is in great form. Puts everything else in perspective when you visit a children’s hospital at Xmas. I thank my lucky stars that I’ll have my kids home with me for Xmas.


Flying in tmw after being away since the end of August. Looking forward to seeing family and friends but not looking forward to the cold. I’m currently sitting outside having a pint and had to take my coat off because its too hot. Doesn’t feel like Christmas at all

Ps, the pint is only 1.50 :joy::beers::beers:


Magnificent!!! Pin this tweet.


Great news @MarysMan. Delighted to hear. :+1:


Seasons Greetings from Trumpyland.

Get the last of yer .45 caliber bullets there, 5 boxes fer a powint. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Delighted for you & yours MM. :+1:


Cheers lads, hopefully collect her today, she was in great form when I spoke to her a few minutes ago