Happy New Year


Happy new year folks one and all! Pleasure logging on here everyday and reading the diverse opinions over the year!


Happy New Year JJF & all .

Many thanks to those who keep it all running.


Happy New Year folks may 2019 see Jim lead the lads to GAA immortality and 5 in a row :pray:


Fair play belfastdub to flag the lads that keep this place running! We all appreciate it!


Happy new year everybody!


I certainly do appreciate it.

Couldn’t survive without my daily dose of Reservoir Dubs!


Happy new year all!


Happy New Year Yis Filthy Animals…

Dream Big …


Hapoy new year to all on here .


Madness on bbc1, Jools on BBC2…spoiled for choice!!!


All the best for na ná na ná na ná 19 everyone. Was Jools any good? Mediocre the last few years


Happy 2019 to all Ressers. Hope this is the year of the five in a row and decent lash at the hurling too!


Happy New Year all.


Jebus. Don’t mention flegs to any of that Northern crowd. God only knows what’ll happen. :laughing:

Merry New Year all ! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Happy New Year all, let’s hope we get to witness history again with 5 in a row.


My New Year resolution to have far less contact with electronics etc has been already thwarted thanks to the Prison Authorities’ refusal to remove my tag.


Happy New Year to all, Hope it’s a cracker.


You’ll have to get compassionate or conjugal parole for the 5 in a row!


Is that parole for sex or from sex?


Belated Happy New Year to all