Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


We don’t often get the chance to enjoy the sun and it brings back memories, both of Dublin and of other places. I remember as a nipper, picking periwinkles with the auld fella in West Clare with the sun glistening off the wet rocks. Back in Dublin down on Dollymount strand, with the sandcastles being eaten by the tide. And eating ice cream. We lived for the sound of the ice cream van! Any happy summer memories lads?


I remember great summers when Kerry always won the All Ireland …


I’ve blocked them out!!


I remember beating Kerry in the 80s when I was a kid and seeing this strange man with hair on a spring and a face like aunt Gertrudes arse running around the pitch weeping into his sock speaking this strange language


Climbing Sugarloaf & a picnic afterwards.

Splashing in the Powerscourt waterfall pool.

Bray amusements in the evening…chipper chips, candy floss & toffee apples for tea.


Have you any teeth left?





Sounds perfect! And no screens or PlayStation games!


Queueing for hours to play pitch & putt in St Anne’s Park while either the British Open or Irish Open waa on.
Again, queueing for hours to play tennis in St Anne’s Park while Wimbledon was on.


I was probably behind you in the queue. We thought we were very cool with our sweat bands etc. The innocence of it all!


And losing your only golf ball on the 3rd tee and having to go home (unless you managed to find one in the rough)


At the tennis I was Lendl- who never won anything. At pitch n putt it didn’t matter! When we played soccer, I was Platini. We played kerb ball, wall ball, pole ball, squares, keepies-uppies (solos) etc. We invented games from nothing. It was our version of THE WONDER YEARS. We were lucky to have it!


Playing out in the field all day. Kick the can, red rover, merries and jerries, squares, paths, camping in the field with tents made out if blankets, queing at the neighbours for a glass of soda stream, lunch what lunch? Breakfast followed by dinner or sugar on bread in between… lola balls, Bermuda shorts games where you just played games staying up real late lying in the field to watch the meteorites and get crinkly chips. Scuffed knees. Bmx still going from the Christmas before and trolleys made out of wood nails rope and sweat. Loved my childhood fucking loved it. Simple and happy and none of the shite kids have to day. Panda bars and fat frogs…


Kerb ball me arse - paths it was called paths! :grin:


Swimming in the Grand Canal at Ballyfermot or Inchicore.

Never let your feet touch the bottom though. You wouldn’t know what would be lurking down there.


We thought the soda stream was sent from heaven! Loved it. Just went off on our bikes. Came back when we were hungry. I ran away from home once. Lasted just over an hour. Home for the grub!


Wooden tennis rackets, using 6 squares on the road as a court.
Tennis courts in Whitehall park were another good spot and Pitch & Putt in Furry park. Both gone I believe.
Found an ElBeau 82 badge a few years back at home. Elm Mount-Beaumont Summer camp that ran for a few years in the 80’s. We had Arts & Crafts, obligitary Kilmainham trips, Bus trips to the Bog (Probably somewhere near Swords). Trips to the Zoo, rounders, football, snooker, board games.
And after all that quick game of scotch or 3 and your in? and leg it home for the World Cup 82 evening games.


Great thread lads. Went on a rant on FaceBook (back when I was on it) a few years ago about the warmth of a summer evening bringing back floods of childhood memories. I wish I could regurgitate it now, alas, it took hours to write. Must google it and see if I can find it.


You’re grand.



2 hr games of football on the road.