Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


“Cheese” Sambos on a Monday :face_vomiting:
Corned Beef on Tuesday and Thursday
Current Buns on Wednesdays
Chocolate Muffins on a Friday :clap: Only came in the last 2 years of primary before that it was current buns


God we never got free food at school. I can only imagine what jam and cheese might have tasted like instead of the oysters and prawns we got


Ah those halcyon days dub09 when you and Roman used to get limoed to school… Once every now and then you would roll down the window down when you passed a Catholic national school and shout in your best northside accent ‘poverty’… Austerity! Crispy pancakes! You laughed so hard you ruined your school Dickie bow with snot.


Yes indeed but it was never total cruelty - there would always be a handful of pennies thrown … the grushies were savage


Yes the pennies. They slipped my mind!


Who are you codding … they were halfpennys


Anybody mentioned Mosney or a trip to Rainbow Rapids yet?


Ah Mosney.

Remember the pool and ye could see down into the pub. Many a mooner pulled at the poor souls enjoying what was probably a well deserved gargle. The Coca Cola slide too, great memories.


That’s brilliant :blush:


Doonbeg. Many years before it became trumped.


Renamed Mosnia after it housed Balkan refugees?


St. Malachy’s in Finglas South behind Erin’s Isle?


Edenmore, between Raheny and Coolock and Kilbarrack and Artane. Fook sake I thought we were the only one! :tired_face:


Just realized you said BNS. Finglas South was mixed.




Indeed it is


The estate I grew up in had a ‘summer project’ to keep us out of trouble. One year we had a trip to Mosney as one of the days out. I got caught mooning out the window and was thrown out and barred from the swimming pool. Funny thing was, one of my cousins was one of the lifeguards. My mother was the organiser of the summer project so hard to get out of that one.
A few years later I was working down there meself in Bobs Casino. Used to love going there


Ah , I’d forgotten about them !
Anyone else play rounders when they were young ?


All the time. Great craic altogether


Im trying to remember but i think we used tennis rackets as baseball bats wouldn’t have been available in ireland at the time !