Happy Summer Memories from Childhood


we used tennis rackets. baseball bats where for house protection.


One handed catch meant everyone was out!
huge adv for the hurlers among us!

Good times!


This thread makes me grateful for growing up during the time that I did. Computer games came later but even still, they didnt stop us from being primarily outdoors especially during the summer. No social media shite to worry about. Reality TV went as far as Blind Date and Youve Been Framed. Little did we know then what was coming down the road. Its crazy how every generation looks back at previous ones as the ‘old times’ and in the blink of an eye your own generation are the old times.


Jesus I remember been called in from the field because Michael Jacksons Thriller video was on. The fucking excitement as we legged it over to the house.

Even the Starwars, there was about 15 boys on our road all in around the same age and we all had the toys and we just played all day long. no problems. Then came the bmx’s and we would race against the avenue for bragging rights. simpler easier better times for sure.


I remember the first console to enter our house was the Atari 2600 , early 80’s . Asteroids was the bomb ! First computer we had was the Commodore 64 , i think it was a special set for the '88 Olympics . Waiting for a game to load up from a cassette , and then having to press play to load up the next level before the age of floppy discs . Don’t think kids these days could handle that !


The summer projects were fantastic. Still have great time for all the ‘leaders’ when I see them around the area now. They were just regular parents that gave up their time for the good of the youth in the community. Arts and crafts, swimming, bowling and the cinema were daily activities that would be booked out like a light for the whole month. The Friday of the week always brought the infamous disco, lads on one side with a head of gel that could fry sausages, and the girls on the other glancing over every now and then. The bleeding pressure when a slow song came on!

Mosney was always the highlight and fell on the last day of the project. Great memories of that place. The bumper boats meant a long journey home on the coach with the feeling youd pissed yourself the whole way home.


I won’t, for one minute, try to discredit any parent/volunteer who gave their time to summer projects, etc, but there were a lot of people with time on their hands in the late 70’s and early-mid 80’s due to unemployment. I thinking getting involved is such things gave them a sense of accomplishment (and deservedly so) and helped make communities better places when there were other, not so welcome, options/attractions/distractions.


Remember the one you were strapped in standing up…went around and tilted…projectile vomit everywhere :rofl::rofl:


That yellow thing! Cant have been good for ye


This yoke ?


Ah stop I remember people getting it in the face if they were unlucky enough to be lower than the person across from them


Haha thats the one!


Yeah , ya wouldn’t be right once ya got off it !


anyone remember this being played every night when Sunshine Radio used to stop at 9pm?

just as the sun was going down in summer!


Good Jaysus, I remember that indeed.



WTF? Never heard that. Thank fcuk. No wonder yiz are all headbangers.


I don’t remember Sunshine Radio stopping at 9pm, though. Definitely remember that tune late in the day but I thought they broadcast 24/7?

460400 was their phone number - they broadcasted from Sands Hotel in Portmarnock, if I recall correctly.


Yeah, and if they phoned you in response to a competition you may have entered, you had to answer your phone with the phrase ‘I listen to the red hot sound of Sunshine 101’!


Was that the OLV summer project? I remember a lad being lashed outta it for mooning when we went to Mosney…


No it was the Mourne View Summer Project.

That ride was called the space round up. The fear of getting hit with puke on it alright, but I think the way it worked was you were more likely to get your own puke in the face!