Have things gone too far?


Lads, this is a thread about the general direction society appears to be taking. I think we need to get technology out of kids’ hands, get them out playing, make climbing trees part of the school curriculum, have no more yellow weather warnings, ban tv3, ban advertising, ban the GPA, have a state bank for mortgages and a state car insurance company, get county councils to go back to doing bin collections, close Irish Water, make over-use of the word LIKE a criminal offence and reopen the Grove disco in St. Paul’s, Raheny. Just saying!


And bring back smelling salts to replace HIA’s.


Brilliant Beeko!! An absolutely quality reply! But I still think things have gone too far. Resilience went out with the smelling salts, No!


Agree with everything except reopening the Grove.

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Have a state bank for mortgage, agree, and a state agency for building affordable and social housing.


Yeah, The Lawn was much better.

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What’s wrong with weather warnings? Seriously, I think that sort of complaining is laughable.

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I agree with the sentiment of your thoughts and a lot of your points. Technology can be a good thing, however.

Banning TV3? Brilliant.


Banning TV3 I really like that idea.

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A rather niche political manifesto I dare say.


Are we all beginning to sound like our Da … ye never has it so good etc etc. We are doing things for our kids that our parents just couldn’t and maybe sometimes wouldn’t … and we are probably overly doing so.


What we need is

The show takes place in the post-apocalyptic near-future of the year 2027, 15 years after the start of a worldwide, permanent electrical-power blackout in 2012.

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Genuine question. Why would it make sense to have a state run bank but not a state run Water utility?

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A state run bank would be there to provide loans/mortgages to citizens, with the explicit legal underpinning that loans would not be sold off etc. Irish Water was set up to be sold off. Anyway we have made it clear that we would prefer to pay for water through general taxation. A state bank would be an example of socialism at work. A ‘water utility’ just waiting to be sold off is neo-liberalism at its finest.


Agree with you there on both counts. And as I said a state agency to build houses with local amenities. New builds that people can call a home a rear families in. We done it for years successfully we can do it again.

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I’m sure a state run bank could eventually be set up to sell off. State run companies are too often subject to bloated expenses and inefficiencies. I would be more in favour of increasing competition from foreign banks. There are knock on effects to a state run bank undercutting commercial banks that effect jobs and people’s pensions for a start

As for Irish water, I agree that it should probably be scrapped but do think that water charges should be in effect based on usage. It is not free to run water utilitiesr so should not be free to use

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Nobody said it should be free to use. People just said we refuse to have it owned and metered!! We use roads to an uneven degree…and parks…and beaches…and public lighting…and libraries…and we have said as a people that some things are sacrosanct and should be paid for by general taxation, as opposed to being metered. The powers that be have tried to bully us, with the massive support of the media. It is remarkable that we have continued to have the balls to say NO. The EU says we should meter water. They also said legal fees should be advertised… …but…er…that was a bit awkward so we quietly ignored that…and caps on bankers’ bonuses…and caps on political advisers’ pay…etc. This is simply a political battle between the elite and the rest. For example, just after the Greeks were shamelessly slapped down by the EU, a German company bought 14 Greek airports, plus some ports etc. The Greeks had no choice. QED


Unfortunately the elite are winning. The way banks have behaved in this country never mind Europe is breathtaking. The mortgage scandal proves if anything that banks are a law unto themselves. Pure cuñts especially Ulster Bank.

And the communications officer that bulshitted and spinned for Irish water is now bulshitting for Ulster bank no doubt got the job because of her proven track record.

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Are roads not paid for through motor tax or certainly the maintenance of them?

I disagree that it shoukd be paid through general taxation as it will only take from other services