Have things gone too far?

It should be ring fenced in general taxation. How hard can that be? If other areas of departmental spending where able to manage their budgets it wouldn’t be a problem.

So increase taxes to pay for it?

Where does it say increase taxes in my post? If money is taken from general taxation it should be ring fenced as simple as that, be it 1 billion, 1.5 billion. Fir example , Not to be given over to an overrun health bill because it can’t be managed, or building big capital projects that don’t seem to be scoped out correctly it seems. What is LPT used for? I’m still trying to figure that one out. And as for this continues water argument. I believe we should be charged, a flat fee for a period of time til we have a very good adequate supply!

Maxi I am not clear on what you are saying. Before the Irish Water fiasco, we paid for water out of general taxation. Political mismanagement meant that pipes were not maintained etc. Yes. Increase tax to fix the pipes. This will be less than the increases that would have come to pay the bloated bonuses that would have flowed under privatisation. As for road taxes, how much do cyclists and pedestrians pay? Exactly. Communal living and inter-reliance Maxi. It works. This mindset has given us pensions etc. It is not all bad!

If we want to pay for everything including a fully functioning water system that doesn’t have leaks everywhere taxes will have to be increased

Increase tax but ring fence it. Unlike property tax, which could really be used to fix the pipes if logic was applied!

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TI have heard that argument before with usc LPT and ya know what I’m not seeing any extra benefits except less money in my pocket. I agree with you in principle but I have no faith in any political or governing body in this country to say they will deliver on their promise. I’ll tell you what we are excellent at is giving arseholes like hogan and tierney rewards for fucking up.

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That’s why I don’t want to increase taxes. I’d much rather pay a charge based on consumption across the board and it is very clear and ring fenced from the get go

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And have it enstrined in our constitution that Irish water will never be privatized. It’s a contentious argument coming of the back of a very tough time for the majority of the Irish taxpayer. It was handled very very badly by hogan and fine Gael and then by the biggest gob shite to ever grace politics Alan Kelly.

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So only taxpayers pay for their water?

Well they pay for everything else.

Should be metered for all…no charges up to reasonable level…then you pay above that whether you’re tax payer or not.
Added bonus that it will reduce waste and track leaks.

Only positive of government caving in on the issue was it removed windbags like Paul Murphy and Boyd Barrett from the airwaves.

Rebus, it seems that you are not a fan of democracy? 70% of TDs who were returned to the Dail last time were against water charges! If you meter, then charge businesses for what they use, pro rata. Including big pharma, multinationals etc…only the government won’t do that. The problem with all this is that the tax will rise and rise and you and I will pay but companies etc won’t.

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And it got rid of that baldy prick hogan of to Europe. In fairness to PM and RBB at least they got a result. The other dopey fucks managed divide the country and make a balls of it.

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I’d say 70% of the tds were against most things that wouldn’t bring votes.
I wouldn’t gauge how much merit an issue has by the views of tds, for the most part, they’re a fairly limited gene pool. Those of ability tend to get neutered by the principle of getting elected rather than their own principled views.

A result on an entirely trivial matter in greater scheme of things aside from the important matter of resource conservation.

61% had paid their charges. That’s the majority.

That figure is inaccurate.

Was that once or over the three qtr that they billed for before it was scrapped? Doesn’t make a difference, the problem here is that it was a missed opportunity to bring everyone along with it instead of trying to ram the concept down everyone’s throat by a belligerent minister in hogan. Along with USC,LPT, increased taxes it was handled very very badly. I still believe a flat charge is appropriate.

100% of TDs are against things that won’t bring in votes. PBP/Solidarity on 1% in the polls today. They have an influence way beyond their vote level. And they are utterly contradictory in their policies. In every other country socialism means more taxes. But not Ireland for some reason.

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